20 February 2017

Life Lately

Hello, hello, hello!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was a little busier than usual, not quite the relaxing weekend we've grown accustomed to, but that's ok.  A little business and getting to hang out with family is worth it.  Here's a peek into what's been going on with us lately.

As I covered last week, I spent the first part of this week in St. Petersburg, FL.  That Sunday night I tried the Dr. Jart Charcoal Mask.  I loved it.  As I've gotten older, I've noticed that my pores around my nose and mouth have gotten a little larger and I felt that this mask helped.  I'm definitely planning on using this one again.

I was in Florida for a work meeting and this session ended up being packed - standing room only.  If there's one thing College Registrars flock to, it's a FERPA session (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

After lunch on Monday, it was my turn to present.

on the mark necklace | hammered hoops | sweater (similar) | watch

The presentation went very well.  It wasn't as well attended as I would have liked, but that's the inherent risk of getting a slot right after lunch.  I imagine many people were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and the beach.  #cantblamethem

The resort was amazing.  Great service from the staff and so so beautiful. 

I was meeting some friends for dinner and rather than trek back to my room, I grabbed a seat at the bar and had a drink while I waited for mu dining companions.  We ended up going to BellaBrava in downtown St. Petersburg.  I had the best eggplant parmesan ever.  It was delicious.  The eggplant was grilled, not breaded so it didn't feel heavy.  I would definitely eat there again.

Being right on the beach, I took advantage of the situation and went for a run both Monday and Tuesday morning.  There was nothing like watching the sun come up as I ran along the sand. 

This was the view from my suite.  I know, right?  #gorgeous

essential fringe necklace | hammered hoops | dress (similar)

Conference outfit, day two!  I need to look professional at these, but it's also not suit attire, so dresses like this one fit the bill perfectly.

While I was away, Stella & Dot announced that one of my favorite rings, the Stellar, is now available in GOLD.  I love this ring so much and I am beyond thrilled that you can now get it in gold.

My last night there I was treated to this gorgeous sunset!

I finished Fahrenheit 451 and moved on to book #7 for the year.   Find Your Extraordinary by Jessica Herrin.  It's a great, motivating read.  I am flying through it and I am loving it.

delicate bar necklace | top (similar) | jeans

Travel outfit!  Wednesday it was time to head home.  It was a great conference and I always learn a lot at this meeting.  Next year's meeting is in Nashville!

And then it was time to wait for my flight.  Thank goodness for Starbucks!

The flight home was great, pretty smooth and I was able to do a bit of work.

I got home in time to go for a walk around the lake.  The weather man said there was abundant sunshine.  I think he was right.

rebel pendant | tilley studs | jeans | sweater | shoes

Back in the office and fortunately, with no meetings I was able to go in casual dress.  Yay for jeans!

rebel pendant | tilley studs | gwen ring

These are some of my favorite Stella & Dot pieces at the moment.  I'll cover them more in depth tomorrow in my weekly Stella & Dot roundup.

Friday morning I had a work event - a breakfast for the Fort Worth YMCA.  It was a great event and I learned a lot about the YMCA that I didn't know before.  Their wellness initiative is amazing.

And there was breakfast involved!  Hash browns, bacon, and quiche?  Yes, please.

carla necklace | celestial cuff | celestial ring | celestial drops | watch | top (similar) | jeans | shoes

Saturday running around outfit - comfy and cute.

We had our wedding cake tasting appointment on Saturday afternoon.  Delicious Cakes is doing our wedding cake and groom's cake and oh. my. stars. the deliciousness.  Super moist cake, delicious flavors.  I cannot wait to see how the cake turns out.

Saturday night was hockey night!  Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning.  I got Phillip tickets to the game for his birthday.  We had amazing seats.

I mean, right?  We were about 10 rows back.  We got to see a hat trick!  And an overtime win!  So much excitement - it was a great game.

top | jeans | shoes | hayes bag

Sunday we had a family party.  Lots of kids means you have to go for comfort and this shirt from Target is super soft and cozy.  Phillip's niece turned 16.  16!  I feel like she's grown up so much in the three years I've known her.

Sunday afternoon I baked for work, as usual.  Y'all this is the easiest recipe ever and it is so so so tasty.  Are you ready for the simplest truffle recipe ever?

Brownie truffles

Take your favorite brownie mix.  I used Duncan Hines fudgy brownie mix.  I baked them according to directions and let them cool completely.  I cut off the corners/edges and then cut the brownies into 48 small squares.  I then rolled the squares into balls and dipped them in chocolate.

I used this from Baker's, but you could also use Candy-Quik.  If you were doing this for a holiday you could sprinkle colored sugar on them before the chocolate hardens.  After the chocolate hardens, store them in a container.  It is that easy folks.

And that's what we've been up to lately!  Come back tomorrow for this week's edition of Stella & Dot Style and then on Wednesday it's What's Up Wednesday, which means March is right around the corner.  Eeek!  Have a great week y'all!


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