10 February 2017

Friday Favorites - What I Travel With

And we made it!  Another Friday - can you believe we are almost halfway through February already?  Holy cow!  2017, please slow down a little. 

I leave tomorrow for a work trip in Florida.  I get asked often what I pack and how do I pack.  It would be easy to throw anything and everything into a really large suitcase and call it a day.  I have to be careful with my very large suitcase though as if I put too much in it, it gets too heavy and I end up at the airport pulling stuff out and throwing it into my purse.

If I am traveling for less than a week, I use a mid-sized suitcase (24 inches) like this one:

I find if I pack strategically, I can fit everything I need in there.  So what goes in?  Basics like underclothes, socks, pajamas.  The underclothes and socks get rolled up and stuffed into shoes (saves space!).  I pack three pairs of shoes:

I pack my sneakers to work out in, a pair of black pumps, and a pair of nude pumps.  If I'm bringing a casual pair, I usually wear those on the plane.  This time I'm going for 4 days, so I'll pack two sets of workout clothes.  Those get rolled up and placed next to pajamas and shoes since I don't care how wadded up the pajamas or workout clothes get.

Then I start packing my clothes.  I go for things that fold/roll up easily and can be tidied up with my travel steamer when I unpack.  Here are some of my favorites:

I never know who I'm going to run into at these meetings so it's important to look professional and polished.  I'll wear the dress or a blouse and skirt and throw a cardigan in my bag.  Those convention centers get cold!

So what else goes in my bag?  Some of these:

I'll make coffee in my room or if the hotel has a Starbucks I'll get coffee after my workout.  I'll head to the room have coffee and a protein bar and that's breakfast.  The workout is important to me and I need that more than I need breakfast out somewhere.  These protein bars help me save time and calories!

I also pack some accessories.  I throw a scarf in my bag, again to ward off the chill in the convention center.  I also pack versatile jewelry.  I'll go with a set of silver and a set of gold and switch them out.  Some of my favorites to pack:


I cart around a lot of stuff with during these meetings and I need a good bag.  One that will work on the plane and carry magazines, my ipad, and my other necessities.  Once at the meeting it needs to carry my materials but also look smart and professional.  My go-to for this is my Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote.  It is the perfect size and looks great with my work wear.

Those are my travel favorites!  If you want to see what I take to survive the airport, check out my travel post from December.

I'll try and blog from the road...we'll see how that goes.  Have a great weekend y'all!


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Amy Coose said...

Love all your pieces you take on trips, that bag is one of my favorites! I'm going to try out those quest bars.

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