01 February 2017

A Day In The Life

Oh Wednesday, are we only at the middle of the week?  This has been a crazy, packed week so far, so it feels like it should at least be Thursday, right???  Okay, I'll settle for Wednesday.  Since this is a busy week, I figured today would be a good day to capture a day in my life.  I do these a few times a year.  Here is my day on Tuesday!

My alarm was supposed to go off at 4:40, but I guess it never synced on my fitbit (I recently adjusted it) and so 5:13 is when I got out of bed on Tuesday morning.  I like the alarm on my fitbit.  It vibrates which is a little gentler of a wake up than a blaring alarm.

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is turn on the morning news.  I've always been an NBC watcher so we start the morning with Deborah Ferguson and Marc Fein on nbcdfw.

And then this one.  The second you are out of bed she is hovering and whining for her breakfast, even if there is still food in her bowl.  #sigh #spoiled

Ah, come to mama.  Coffee time.  I drink a cup at home in the morning while I'm getting ready.

And then this one wanted a snack.  He got a handful of treats and I got back to the Keurig.

Phillip takes his coffee to go.  He loves putting it in this RTIC cup.  It keeps it hot all morning. I got the Cowboys decal on etsy.  I generally make his coffee the mornings I don't have barre.

And then I made the bed.  I make the bed every morning.  I hate climbing into an unmade bed at night.  I would like a proper headboard but we're waiting until we move into a house and we get a king size bed. 

What to wear, what to wear.  I needed to pick an outfit and get ready for the day.

It was a quick shower morning since I didn't have to do my hair.  I had straightened it the day before, so today I went with the dry shampoo.  I am loving this Not Your Mother's dry shampoo.

top | skirt | shoes | necklace | watch | earrings

This is an oldie but a favorite outfit.  It was going to be 80 on Tuesday so I needed something weather appropriate but not too summery.  I love this top and skirt.  Both are no longer available but I've linked to similar items.

bracelet | watch

I LOVE my Stella & Dot Blessed bracelet.  I wear it all the time. 

It was 6:27 and I was in the car!  I love getting to work early.  In the car by 6:30 means I was going to walk in the door at work a little after 7.  I love that quiet time before every one else gets in.

I started the work day with a little light reading.  #sigh #notreally

Politics aside, I have some concerned international students who are wondering what might come next.  I've been reading about this for the last 5 days.

After working for a couple of hours I took a break and made a reservation for dinner Saturday night. We're heading downtown to Pyramid for what looks to be a delicious dinner. Can't wait to try this place!

It was a 2 cup of coffee kind of morning. And yes, I'm a Gemini.  

A little more work.  I had to set up a demo presentation with a group about student health insurance. One more thing checked off the to-do list. Then it was off to a lunch meeting.  

I captured this on my way back from the meeting. How blue is that sky?  It was such a beautiful day today in Fort Worth.  

Afternoon snack! 

And then off to another meeting. The good kind.  This was an awards ceremony for staff being recognized for excellence and two of my team were recognized.  Yay!  I have such a great team to work with.  They are so dedicated.  It was nice to see two of them be formally recognized.  

I got back to the office and popped a couple of Motrin.  Due to the dental procedure I had last Thursday, my mouth/jaw is a little sore as I head toward the later portion of the day. The Motrin really helps.  

Usually I leave at 5, but I was working on something I had to get finished today. 5:19 and I was still plugging away at it.  

5:45 and I was ready to go!  Time to head out.  

It was a nice ride home. I listened to a podcast, called my mama for a chat, and got to decompress a bit before pulling into the garage at 6:35.  

Yes, please.  

7:00pm, time for dinner.  It was a quick and easy kind of dinner tonight.  Phillip had roasted some chicken on Sunday to make chicken Caesar wraps for lunches and we had some leftover chicken. Salad for dinner it is! 

8pm on Tuesday night means Fixer Upper. I made myself some hot chocolate and got to relax for a bit.  

I was in bed a 9pm and read for about 20 minutes before calling it a night! 

And that was my day y'all!  I hope you enjoyed a peek into the craziness, ha!  Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites  I've got some great Valentine's Day gift ideas.  


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