25 January 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Welcome to the first What's Up Wednesday of the new year!  That means that January is almost over.  I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by.  February is right around the corner! 

What We're Eating This Week

Sunday: caprese chicken and brussel sprouts

We've been trying some new foods and brussel sprouts have been on the list for awhile.  We made them Sunday night by roasting them with salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic.  When they finished roasting I drizzled a little balsamic vinegar over the top. They were delicious.  I think next time I'd even skip the balsamic. 

  • Monday night: Veggie Burrito Bowls.  It's one of our favorite Cooking Light recipes. 
  • Tuesday night: fish and zucchini
  • Wednesday night: roasted pork loin with cauliflower rice and broccoli
  • Thursday night: Phillip is on his own, I'm having a dental procedure done and I'm thinking I won't be interested in dinner
  • Friday night: ground turkey sloppy joes
  • Saturday night: date night!  not sure yet where we're going
  • Sunday night: homemade veggie burgers

What I'm Reminiscing About

As we wrap up January, we are easing into race season.  Last year I did the Color Run with these ladies and I am so excited we're doing it again.  If you're interested, and are in the DFW area, you can find info here.

What I'm Loving

I am loving these make up remover wipes from Sephora.  One side is smooth and takes off the make up really well, including mascara.  The other side is for exfoliating.  My facialist yelled at me last time for not exfoliating enough and I thought the two sided wipe would help me remember!

What We've Been Up To

Barre, barre, and more barre.  I am so excited about the new schedule and the addition of a Sunday morning class.  I've been trying to make it on Sunday afternoons, but sometimes the day gets away from me and I don't make it.  A morning class means I'll get it in.

I try to FaceTime with this little miss every Sunday.  Sometimes she's chatty, sometimes she wants to dance, and sometimes she wants to watch tv.  But she always wants to push the red button when it's time to end the call.  My niece is an individual, smart and sassy, and dances to the beat of her own drummer.  I love our Sunday morning chats.

With the football playoffs and now the Super Bowl in full swing, we've been trying to find healthy snacks for the games.  Our go-to snacks of late have been Broccomole and Roasted Chickpeas

Homework, homework, homework.  I am halfway through the second class in my program.  Four more to go.  Every 8 weeks I start a new one.

We've been enjoying the nice weather.  It was almost 80 yesterday!  Many nights we are able to keep the porch door open.

What I'm Dreading

Having to tell candidates they weren't selected for a position.  That's never fun.

What I'm Working On

Some blog stuff, a presentation for a conference I'm attending in February, a Valentine's Day gift for Philip...

What I'm Excited About

I'm presenting at a conference in February and it's in Clearwater, FL.  This means I get to pop in and see Auntie Lynn and Auntie Gerry!  Yay for family time #familytimeisthebesttime

What I'm Watching/Reading

I've recently started Vivien: The Life of Vivien Leigh.  I can't say how it is yet, since I'm only about 25 pages in.  She's one of my favorite old Hollywood actresses.  I've also recently read Empty Mansions, Daughter of Empire, and At the Water's Edge.  All are definitely worth picking up.

What I'm Listening To

Podcasts!  Check out last Friday's post for all of my current favorites.

What I'm Wearing

top | jeans | watch | bracelet

I love love love this ruffled cami top.  It looks great with pants or a skirt for work but it's also really cute with jeans.  I adore the ruffle detailing.

necklace | sweater

This is just a plain black sweater, but I love how the necklace pops against the black. 

cardigan | top | skirt | boots | necklace | necklace | earrings

I love this cardigan.  It's great with this denim skirt and boots.  It's great with jeans, it's great over lounge pants, ha! 

tank | leggings

Some of my favorite barre gear.  I love this tank.  It is super soft and comfortable.  And I can't tell you how amazing the Zella live in leggings are.  Perfect does not even begin to cover it.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

We have a 5K at Fair Park on Saturday.  Loser buys breakfast, ha!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Traveling to Florida and seeing my aunts.  Valentine's Day.  Hopefully working on some projects at work and finalizing a hire for the office.  Oh, and MY PATRIOTS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!

What Else Is New

I finally got my rear in gear and contacted a florist for the wedding.  Woohoo!  This is the last big thing I need to book for the wedding.  We're meeting this afternoon. 

This Month's Bonus Question: Who is Your Favorite Bachelor?

I don't really watch The Bachelor, so I'd go with Sean Lowe by default since he and Catherine live here in DFW.  I love Jillian Harris though, she's adorable on Instagram.

That's it for this month!  Thanks for checking in. Come back on Friday for Friday Favorites!


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