16 January 2017

Life Lately

Hi Y'all!  Happy Monday.  Sorry for the late post but it was an uneventful yet eventful weekend around here and I am late to posting today.  Today was also a holiday for me, so my schedule was all skewed - for the better, no work today!  I had an awesome barre class, got to meet my cousin's adorable German Shepherd puppy, ran an errand at Southlake (success - found a birthday present for Mama), got some yummy Thai food for lunch, snuggled with Jack for a nap, baked a cake, and then got my act together to blog, ha!  So what else have we been up to?

My Mondays always start with barre.  5:15am I'm there with Niki to lift, tone, and burn.  I've talked about it on instastories, but this is my hour of the day to be totally present and focused.  I don't think about work or homework any of the stresses of every day life.  Some people meditate or do yoga, I go to barre.

Post-barre sweaty selfie.  To be honest, getting out of bed for a 5:15am Monday class is easier than for a 5:15am Friday class.  It's almost like as the week goes on and stuff piles up, I'm more tired and getting out of bed at 4:40am on Friday is rough.

This gorgeous necklace arrived in the mail.  If you can't read the script, it says "focus", my word of the year.  Focus on my nutrition, my workouts, my wedding, my fiance, my family.  My goal is to focus and be intentional about things.

top | jeans (similar) | shoes | necklace (similar) | watch | bracelet

This was my outfit on Tuesday and it is one of my dressy, casual favorites.  I love the look of the bootcut jean.  It makes me look taller and leaner.  I still love my skinny jeans but on this day I grabbed the bootcut ones and just loved how it all came together.  The white top is sold out, but it's still in stock in blue and it's 50% off right now making it $10!

Last week at work was all about international admissions.  I won't bore you with the details, but I spent most of the week on this site.  I'm hoping this week is a little quieter.  #fingerscrossed

One of my problems with shedding the last 20 pounds is snacking at work.  I am so bad.  I bring my lunch from home and I've been trying to bring good, healthy snacks and avoid the bad snacks in the office.  I really need to buckle down and focus on this goal.

cardigan | tee | necklace | necklace | ring | earrings

I wore this jewelry combination on Saturday as we ran around town taking care of some errands.  I love the engraveable layered with my other necklace.

This one.  Starting at 4pm on Saturday and Sunday she is perched next to her food bowl waiting for one of us to feed her.  She whines at us, she stares, and usually we cave around 5:30 even though during the week the earliest she eats is 6pm.  #spoiled

And then this happened Saturday night!  Woohoo!!!  My Patriots beat the Texans.  Oh yeah baby - can't wait for the next game!

i kept my usual Sunday morning date with this little miss.  We try to chat every Sunday. 

And then I was super lazy the rest of the morning, ha!  I did put laundry in, but I basically curled up on the couch in my pj's with a cup of coffee and Kate and watched a Hoarders marathon.  I never just lounge around on a Sunday morning.  I'm usually baking, cleaning, and organizing for the week.  It felt good to be lazy for a couple of hours.

The Cowboys were on at 3:30 on Sunday and I knew we would be looking for a game time snack, so I made Broccomole.  We love this recipe.  Use whatever you want to dip - carrots, tortilla chips, carrots, whatever strikes your fancy.  We follow the recipe mostly.  I omit the green onions (blech) and we use anywhere from 2-4 oz of the cream cheese.  It just depends on how much broccoli we estimate is 3 cups.  This time I used Greek yogurt cream cheese and it was delicious.

During that abysmal first half of the game I worked on my paper for school but I was having a hard time getting started.

I had basically just about gotten to the point where I was ready to start writing when the fire alarm went off.

The joys of apartment living.  One day I'll dedicate a whole post to my anxiety about fire alarms.  I've lived in apartments for over a decade and this was the first time there was an actual fire.  It was one floor up from us and on the complete opposite side of the building.  I think it was small since driving past this morning in the light of day you couldn't see anything and our hallway smelled like normal when we were allowed to reenter last night.

The really bad part?  Phillip missed the Cowboys almost comeback.  The alarm went off just after the start of the second half and we didn't come back in until after the game was over.

Monday holiday - yay!  I took a late barre class.  Late for me anyway, instead of 5:15am I took the 6:30am class and Niki kicked my butt!  Such a great start to the week.

After that workout I needed coffee!  An iced coffee to be exact.

I showered and got ready before heading to Southlake in search of a birthday present for my Mama.  Her birthday is in February and I'm traveling around her birthday so I need to get her gift in the mail in a couple of weeks.  It felt like a good day to pop into J. Jill...

tunic | leggings

Where I immediately fell in love with this tunic and navy leggings.  How cute, right?  Picture it with a pretty blue patterned scarf.  Darling.

Instead of baking Sunday, I baked on Monday.  I try to bring in something the first day of every work week.  This week it's Mix and Match Mama's Fruity Pebbles Bundt Cake.

And then it was time for coffee.  How cute is this mug?  Target always has adorable holiday themed mugs.  There were a few more I wanted but Phillip would give me the side-eye if I come home with any more coffee mugs.  #iloveafunmug

That's what life has been like lately.  What have you all been up to?  Make it a great (short) week!


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