09 January 2017

Life Lately

Happy Monday Y'all!  A new week, full of possibilities lays ahead.  Before we jump into the new week, here's a peek at what we were up to last week.

First up - a Giveaway!  Last week on the blog, I talked about my goals for 2017.  That post also contains a giveaway, because who doesn't want new bling?  The last day to enter is Tuesday!  So if you haven't entered, make sure you do.

bracelet | watch | shoes | pants

I will admit that last Monday was a little rough.  It was the first day back after two weeks AND it was the observed New Year's Holiday so almost everyone else was still off.  Sigh.  I made the best of it and dressed up for work a bit.  I love Rose Gold jewelry so to cheer myself up, I broke out the Rose Gold jewelry.

I love my Passion Planner, but I never really utilized the monthly pages very well.  One of my friends also uses PP and she noted on facebook this week that she uses the monthly pages for meal planning and tracking.  Genius!  So I started doing that.

Wednesday it was back to barre!  Oh how I missed it.  It had been 2 weeks since I had taken a class and I knew I was in for it.  Kelly kicked my butt hard!  But I felt so good after.

During the week I take the early (and I mean early) class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  That means it's O'Dark Thirty when I arrive at the studio.

I'm going to turn into a gushing bride for a second.  Squee!!!  A wedding gift arrived!  Disguised as a Christmas gift, but it's our toasting flutes.  Love love love!

We are back on the healthy eating train after over indulging during our vacation.  One night last week it was roasted pork loin, roasted broccoli, and cauliflower rice.  If you are a Weight Watcher follower like me, this whole meal was 6 points!  And plenty left over for lunches the next day.

It has been COLD in Texas.  And I don't mean Texas cold of 30-40 degrees, I mean it was in the teens with a feels like temp of 4!  So hot chocolate was in order.  And you have to have marshmallows.

scarf | sweater

Jack is never a lap cat, so when he does want to curl up with me, I take advantage of the opportunity.  My sweet boy is 12!  I can't believe it's been 12 years.  The scarf and sweater are old but I've linked to similar items and the sweater I linked to is under $20!  Winner winner!

Saturday night we watched the football game and played cards and yahtzee.  This one crashed hard.  I think she was snoring at one point.

My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is Facetime with this little miss.  We got to chat for a bit and I loved every minute.

A little bloggity blog work while I ate lunch on Sunday.  Sunday was a typical Sunday - baking, laundry, blogging, homework, football.  Not necessarily in that order.

And of course, a barre class.  Because it wouldn't be Sunday without barre!  Seriously, my favorite 55 minutes.  I could never get into yoga, but I feel like I get the same mind clearing benefits from barre that others get from yoga. 

That was last week in a nutshell!  Not too much going on, we were trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation and stay out of the cold, ha!  Make it a great week y'all!.  See you back here Wednesday.  No Stranded! this year, but there's a new link-up series I'm participating in called "Workin' It".  Come back Wednesday to see what it's all about.


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