27 January 2017

Friday Favorites

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to the end of the work week.  I'm not feeling so hot this morning owing to a dental procedure I had yesterday afternoon, so I'm still a little nauseous and not 100% on my game.  Unfortunately, there is a meeting at work that I have to attend.  Sigh.  Let's talk about something more fun though - my favorite things this week!


leggings | top

My Zella Live-In Leggings are a must have.  I've talked about my love of Zella work out gear before, but I love these leggings.  I wear them mainly to work out but they're great with my other outfits too.


I have been eyeing these Kate Spade studs for so long.  I just love the abalone color.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought them this week.  I get to pick them up tomorrow!  As an aside, I love the Nordstrom buy now, pick up later feature on their website.  So quick and easy and you don't have to wander the mall for hours.


This guy is definitely a favorite!  I had a dental procedure on Thursday and he took great care of me.  I had anesthesia so as groggy and definitely off kilter for the rest of the day, and into this morning too.  I'm marrying him, so I know how amazing he is, but the little things just warm my heart even more.


I have a feeling this guy has a sixth sense about when I'm not feeling great.  That's when he wants to be near me.  That and when I take a nap.  When I crawled into bed last night he joined me a little while later.  On top pf my head, but what can you do.  My grumpy old man is definitely a favorite.


necklace | earrings (similar) | sweater

Yesterday was a Stella & Dot jewelry day.  I've spoken of my love of S&D before here on the blog.  The Sutton necklace I'm wearing is one of my all time favorites.  You can wear it 5 different ways.  I love a piece that has multiple looks - more bang for your buck!


These roasted chickpeas were definitely a favorite in our house this week.  I think we're going to make them again this weekend.  Speaking of...

What are you all up to this weekend?  We're running a 5K tomorrow and other than that we plan on being pretty low key.  We have to run to the mall on Saturday so will probably do dinner in Dallas Saturday night.  Have a great weekend!


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