20 January 2017

Friday Favorites - What I Listen To

Yay!  It's Friday!  And it is gorgeous in Dallas today.  Highs in the 70s, what else could you ask for?  It was a long week.  I'm super tired, I hadn't been sleeping well at all until last night and it's definitely caught up to me. But it's Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend and some down time.

This week's Friday Favorites is all about what I listen to at the moment - podcasts.

I have become a podcast junkie.  Occasionally I might listen to sports radio on a Monday for football coverage, but mainly on my ride to and from work I listen to podcasts.  I don't remember how I initially picked up on them, but the first one I remember following along and subscribing to was this one:

Are you a West Wing fan?  I have been since the very first episode and still to this day it is my favorite tv show of all time.  This podcast, hosted by Josh Malina (who acted on the West Wing) and Hrishi Hirway goes episode by episode through series.  They have guests like Brad Whitford and Janelle Maloney.  You get inside information on the show and you get to relive all of the best moment from the series.  I love it.

My newest favorite is Hollywood and Crime.  One of the reasons I love this one is the host's voice.  It's so good.  And I love the format.  With audio reenactments, the first season is covering murders of women around LA the time of the Black Dahlia murder.  The show posits that maybe all of these crimes were connected.  It's very well done.

Stuff You Missed in History Class is great!  If you love lifelong learning and are apt to get sucked down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, then this is the podcast for you.  Topics that you typically wouldn't get in your average history class, the hosts, Tracy & Holly, find a topic and then do a deep dive.  Fascinating information abounds!

For a quick hit, Nutrition Dive provides a weekly podcast that lasts no more than 15 minutes, tops.  She covers lots of topics from fad diets and what can apple cider vinegar really do for you to how to eat mindfully.  And...she seriously has the best radio voice ever.  I could listen to her read the phone book.

This American Life is great.  Hosted by Ira Glass, the episodes are thematic.  Last week's topic was "Things Only I Can See", and there were three pieces about people who saw things that no one else did.  And I don't mean UFOs, for example, the first piece was a bout a woman who was convinced she had a particular muscular disorder and her belief that an Olympic athlete had the same disorder.  It was riveting.  Definitely one to check out.

If you are interested in podcasts hosted by people you could listen to reading the phone book, Criminal is another one to add to your list.  The host, Phoebe Judge, has the smoothest radio voice ever.  Criminal is fascinating.  Every two weeks they cover something related to criminal activity.  But it's not what you think.  The first episode I listened to, she interviewed a woman who sold pot brownies in California.  I was mesmerized. 

My last "must listen to" is My Favorite Murder.  If you've ever watched Unique Sweets on Cooking Channel, then you know Georgia Hardstark.  She and Karen Kilgariff host a weekly podcast where they talk about their favorite murders.  It's not as macabre as that though.  It's like talking about true crime with your girlfriends, complete with inside jokes and pop culture references. 

That's what I listen to!  i hope you found something new that piques your interest.

Have a great weekend!


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