05 December 2016

Life Lately

Hello from Austin! Blogging on the fly at the moment as I am here in the capital for a work meeting.  It was an easy drive down - no traffic on a Sunday afternoon - and I've got a meeting today at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Then its back in the office the rest of the week.  9 more working days and I am on winter break!  This past week has been dominated by illness, both mine and Kate's.  I'll touch on both in this week's edition of Life Lately...

So this is my new favorite fragrance.   Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon.  I tried it on in the store and kept smelling it on my wrist.  I had already left the store and turned around and went back to buy it, that's how much I loved it.  It's got this amazing vanilla bourbon note to it - I'm in love with this perfume.

And then this one.  Sigh.  Her eye still is not better and now her other eye is not right.  I actually think she poked herself in the eye with a branch from the Christmas Tree.  She crawls under the tree and then uses the lower branches to try and scratch her head since she's still wearing the cone.  I think she accidentally poked herself.  Poor kitty.  We've been putting the drops and ointment in both eyes now.

dress (similar) | shoes | necklace

Thursday night we watched the Cowboys win!  Yay!!! Okay, now New England peeps, chill out.  The Patriots are still my favorite team, but as long as the Cowboys aren't playing my beloved Pats, I will root for my city's team.  I feel the same way about the Rangers/Red Sox.

cardigan | top | jeans | boots | bag | necklace (similar) | watch | earrings

The weather is finally fully fall-like here in Texas and the last few days have been cool and damp.  Friday was the perfect day to break out my Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan.  Oh my goodness, the softness.  It is seriously the coziest garment I own.  I have three and I wear them all the time.  I wear them to go out, I wear them to lounge around the house, when you put it on, you don't want to take it off.

There is a Starbucks across the street from my Weight Watchers meetings on Saturday morning.  I usually stop in after my meeting to get coffee, but this cough is killing me.  So much so that I skipped the coffee and got a venti English breakfast tea instead.  Something about tea with a little milk and sugar is so soothing. 

vest | top (similar) | jeans | boots | earrings

Phillip has made it his special mission to photobomb me when I am trying to take pics.  Saturday was cool and damp, again.  And we had errands to run.  The goal was to get the nieces and nephews Christmas gifts knocked out and we succeeded.  And let me say that there were one or two that I was tempted to keep for myself.  Some super cute stuff.  Anyhow, running around in the cold and damp called for this puffer vest.  It wasn't quite cold enough for a winter coat but definitely too chilly to go without.  Puffer vests are perfect for Texas weather.

running pants | shoes

Sunday morning I ran a 5k.  I ran the Chocoholic Frolic with Billie-Jo and Lila.  It was cold!  And damp!  I think it was 47 when we started?  Yeah, a little chilly.  But I love running in the cold.  Due to the cough, I was about 2 minutes off my normal pace, but I still felt good about the run.  This pic was take 2 by the way...

This was take 1, someone wanted to join in again.

Road trip to Austin on Sunday afternoon!  3 hours and a raging cough?  Heck yeah I was stopping at Sonic for a drink to get me through the drive.

Only to get to my hotel and need to do homework.  Wah wah wah.  It was a recruitment analysis paper for my strategic enrollment management class. 

scarf | top | jeans | shoes

Isn't this scarf gorgeous?  I love the blue and white.  And it felt like the perfect outfit for a road trip.  Comfy, cozy, and easy to wear on a 3 hour drive.  And the Skechers.  These are my go to casual shoe with jeans.  Some people can wear their running shoes with their jeans.  I am not one of those people.  I wear a size 11, y'all.  When I wear sneakers with jeans, my feet look ginormous.  These Skechers are comfy and they're not as bulky as a sneaker.  I wore them all over Disney in September and they were just as good as if I wore my sneakers.  No blisters, no achy feet.

Give me all the crawfish for dinner!  There's a Pappadeaux across from the hotel where I'm staying so when I finished my paper I walked across the street for dinner.  I think I ate a quarter of what was heaped on this plate, but oh man it was so delicious.

I've stayed at this hotel so many times.  I am Hilton girl, so when given the chance I will always pick the Hilton brand, I've had nothing but excellent customer service from them over the years.  Not an ad, just a personal preference.  I travel occasionally for work, so I have my favorites!  #hilton #americanairlines #uber #enterprise

That's a peek into our week!  Kind of quiet last week, I know.  But we're ramping up to the holidays - I am so excited!  I need to do some gift wrapping this week, but Phillip informs we we are low on tape, hmmm, I see a Target run in my future.

Have a great week y'all!


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