09 November 2016

Stranded! Outerwear Edition

Welcome to this month's edition of Stranded With...this linkup is hosted by Shay and Erika.  Here's the premise - if you were stranded on a deserted island which three items would you take?  Each month there's a theme.  Last month was Halloween Candy - yum!  This month, the theme is outerwear.  You're going to have to suspend reality for a bit because most people think of being stranded on an island as a tropical experience and you would not need outerwear.  So, let's pretend we're stranded on Greenland, shall we?

Okay.  Here are my three pieces of outerwear that I would need to have with me.


The puffer vest!

blue puffer
tweed puffer
hooded puffer
asymmetric zip puffer
orange puffer
suede trim puffer

I love me a puffer vest.  Here in Texas it is rare that I have to pull out the heavy duty winter gear.  And there is nothing cuter than jeans, a long sleeve top and scarf, and a puffer vest.  There are so many options to choose from!



Any Scandal watchers out there?  Who hasn't swooned over Olivia Pope's wrap coats?  If I were stranded on a cold deserted island I would definitely want one of these to bundle up in.

Tahari Wrap Coat

I had a coat very similar to this one last year and I wore it twice.  And then I left it at a meeting never to be seen again #sob #iwasheartbroken #stillam



And rounding out the top three, I would have to go with my beloved three quarter zip pullover.  I love these jackets.  I wear them all the time in the winter, especially on my way to the barre studio or the gym at the apartment complex.  So comfy and they keep you warm.  In Texas it's all about the layers.

north face pullover
calvin klein pullover
under armour pullover
nike pullover
north face pullover
under armour pullover

What would you take with you if you were stranded?  Thanks for joining me this time!  December's theme is Christmas movies!  Make sure you come back for that one and come back on Friday for this week's edition of Friday Favorites.


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