07 November 2016

Life Lately

And we're back to Monday.  For real, why do the weekends go so fast.  I need another day between Saturday and Sunday.   Last week felt like it just flew by.  We are cruising toward Thanksgiving and I cannot believe we are almost through 2016. 
Despite being a busy week, we managed to cram in some things other than work.  Here's what we've been up to lately.

I used to eat these all the time and I forgot about them for awhile, but they are back to being my new favorite snack.  I pack my lunch for work about 90% of the time.  The lunch itself is usually some type of salad with spinach, chicken, and a little dressing.  I pack an apple or banana and carrots.  And then I usually pack one more snack.  Lately it's been this.  I divide this little wedge among six reduced-fat triscuits.  Delicious.

Speaking of work...my desk is pretty clear at the moment.  No files stacked waiting to be processed.

And even better, no pending emails in my inbox.  Zero, zilch, nada.  Now, by no means does this mean I have no work.  What it does mean is I can work on some projects that I have had to put by the wayside, which I am very excited about.

dress | shoes | watch | necklace | earrings (similar) | sweater (not shown)

How adorable is this dress?  And bonus, it's on clearance from JCrew Factory.  I know it's pretty summery, but I paired it with peep-toes instead of sandals and threw a navy blue cardigan on.  Up until last Friday, it has been so dang warm in Texas, unusually so.  Think 80s and almost 90s instead of 70s.  Fortunately, it has cooled down over the last weekend and we are hovering around normal.

This weekend we ran the Toro Dash 5K.  It's a race hosted by the school I work for in support of student scholarships.  We run it every year.

My time was in by normal average range.  No PR or anything.  Phillip however, crushed his own PR and came in at 29:14.  It's a smaller race, so no jostling or anything like that.  It's a fun race and great opportunity for us to let our competitive nature take over for a little bit.

We headed out to Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday night to wander around see if we could find any inspiration for our living room upgrade.  We saw some lamps we really liked as well as some tables.  We took note of what we liked and then headed over to Ikea up the road to see if they had anything.  We found some pillows we liked and snagged those.  Although the one we really wanted was out of stock at our store and they don't sell them online.  However, they are fully stocked at the Ikea in Stoughton, MA, so when we're home for Christmas we may head out that way to pick up the one we really wanted.

After our decor adventures, we decided on Abuelo's for dinner.  Neither of us had ever eaten there and we were both thought it was delicious.  I had enchiladas and a sangria/margarita swirl.  P opted for a combo plate with enchiladas and a taco and a beer.  Tasty, delicious, and great service. 

Raise your hand if you are watching The Crown on Netflix???  Oh so good.  The production values are top notch and the casting is amazing.  We are three episodes in and we cannot wait to get to the rest of them.

I posted this picture for 2 reasons.  One, by 9:17am on Sunday, we had already been mad productive #thankyoudaylightsavings.  We went to the market and were home by 7am.  I'd already had 2 loads of laundry in, baked cookies for work, cleaned the house, and stopped to make myself more coffee when I realized it was only 9:15!

The other reason I posted this pic is because it is one of my favorites of Phillip and me.  We took this in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and we were about to head out to see a Cirque show and have a fancy schmancy NYE dinner.  At the time, I had no idea that he was planning to propose that night.  And Sunday, November 6, was the two year anniversary of the day we met.  The last two years have gone by so fast, I can hardly believe it and that in less than a year we'll be married. 

That's a peek into what we've been up to lately!  Have a great week y'all!  See you Wednesday for the latest edition of Stranded!  We'll be talking about Outerwear so you know my favorite outerwear ever - the puffer vest - will be making an appearance.


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