17 October 2016

Life Lately

Hi y'all!  Happy Monday to everyone and I hope you had a great weekend.  This promises to be a full week as it is performance review season and I am trying to squeeze in 11 reviews before I leave for a meeting in Austin at the end of the week.  Before we get into this week though, here's a peek into our life lately.

First up - barre class.  I am still loving it, can you tell?  I don't know that anything else could get me out of bed at 4:40am.  #loveit #barresohard  I definitely feel stronger in my legs, in my core, it's making a difference.

Wednesday night, Phillip convinced me we needed to go to Terra for dinner.  Date night in the middle of the week is always a fun surprise.  #lovethisguy

Thursday I had to have a dental procedure done.  I won't bore you with the gory details, but basically what it meant was that all I wanted to do the rest of the week was curl up on the couch in my blardigan.

top (similar) | jeans | shoes (similar) | necklace 

I wish I could have stayed home on Friday and chilled out, but I had two meetings I had to attend at work.  So I put on a pretty outfit and pushed myself out the door.  After the meetings though it was back on the couch in my blardigan.

While I laid on the couch, this one curled up outside and took advantage of the gorgeous day.

top | jeans | shoes (similar) | belt | bag (similar) | earrings | necklace

By Saturday I was feeling better.  We spent the afternoon and evening at one of our favorite local spots- Southlake Town Square.  We wandered around for a bit first, we were in search of a birthday gift for Phillip's niece.  Success!  We found what we were looking for.  Then it was off to the movies.

I picked the movie and I opted for The Girl on the Train.  It was very good.  Both Phillip and I enjoyed it.  Great cast - I'll watch Emily Blunt read the phone book to be honest #loveher.

I thought it was a little slow in parts, but Phillip didn't.  I am chalking it up to the fact that I had read the book so I knew what was going to happen and therefore felt that some parts were slow.  Overall it was a great movie.

We had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so we sat by the fountain for a bit and chatted and enjoyed the evening.  The weather has started to cool down at night, so even though it had been close to 90 earlier, it was a beautiful night.

Our wedding is almost exactly one year away.  I feel like it was yesterday that we were in Las Vegas and he proposed.  At that time, October 2017 felt so far away, but it's moving so quickly!  It will be here before we know it.  

We had dinner at one of my favorite places, Brio and it was delicious.  Our reservation was at 7:30 and they didn't seat us until almost 8.  And unbidden, they offered us a free appetizer because we had to wait to be seated.  I had the mushroom ravioli which was absolutely delicious and Phillip had the lasagna #ofcourse #hisfavorite.  It was a fun little date night and we enjoyed the evening. 

And then this team won in overtime?  Woohoo!!!  Go Bucks!  #lovemybuckeyes #osualum

I  mentioned earlier that it's performance review season, so I started Sunday with a cup of coffee and some work.  

Then I FaceTimed with Wonder Woman, aka my niece.  She had her 4th birthday party yesterday.  I was sad to miss it - it was the first birthday party of hers I hadn't been able to get home for.  With the Disney trip last month and a week at home in RI in December, it just wasn't in the cards to get there this time.  I'm looking forward to a week with her at Christmas though.  

That's it from our little corner this week!  Make it a great week y'all!


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