28 October 2016

Friday Favorites - Hit the Pavement

Well hello there, Friday!  Nice to see you.  I am so looking forward to the weekend.  Aren't you?  I don't know about you all but this week has been crazy.  I do get to do one of my favorite things tonight though - hand out Halloween candy to trick or treaters.  My campus is holding an indoor trick or treat event for community children and I just love it.  They are so excited about being dressed up.

This week's Friday Favorites is all about running.  I've got a 5K next weekend and it's been awhile, so I'm anticipating being a little rusty.  I do love a good run though and part of a good run is good equipment.  Here are some of my favorites.


Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

My first comment about shoes is GET FITTED.  If you are serious about running, go to a running store and have someone knowledgeable fit you for shoes.  It really does help.  My favorites are Brooks.  I switched to these after being fitted 4 years ago and I have never looked back. I also have not had any kind of knee or shin pain since being fitted. #shinsplintshurty'all

Some other good options

New Balance 940
Nike Pegasus
Nike Lunarglide
Saucony Hurricanes


Oh I am picky about my running pants.  I like them to have a back zip pocket for me to store my keys.  I don't trust the open pockets on the waistband.  If it's zipped, I know it's secure and not going anywhere.

lucy endurance running capris

These are hands down my favorite running pants.  I've worn them for years.  They wear and wash well, don't slip, have a back zip pocket, and are a good weight.  I love these running pants and I always reach for them first when pulling out running clothes.

zella heat it up running legging

I've spoken of my love of zella gear before, and if my lucys are in the wash, the zellas are the ones that come out next.  They are comfy and they meet all my criteria.  They aren't as heavy as the lucy option, but they are still a good pair of running pants.  And, they have the zip pocket, which is my #1 requirement.


zella racerback tank

It can get warm in Texas, so during the Spring and Summer months I always opt for a tank top when I run.  I love this one.  It's light weight and the back is pretty.


New Balance Racerback Tank

I love this one too.  Athletic material wicks away moisture, but the back gives it a little interest.  A great pick for running.


It does get cooler in Texas.  I also run when I go home to visit, so it's always a good idea to have some items in your closet to pull on in case it's cooler.  I read in a running magazine that you should dress for 10 degrees warmer than it is outside.

zella resilience jacket

How darling is this one?  And, bonus, it's on sale (50%off!!!)  I love that is has holes in the cuff for your thumbs as I hate to run with gloves although I will if it's super cold.

zella Pop It Up jacket

How beautiful is that plum color?  It's almost too pretty to run in, right?

under armour pullover

I am also a huge fan of pullovers, like this Under Armour one.  I have more than 2 in my closet, and they are my go to option for an extra layer.

Those are my go-to options for a running wardrobe.  Slightly different than my barre favorites.

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Happy running!  Have a great weekend y'all!


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