19 October 2016

Design Challenge - Living Room

Let me preface this by saying that I love our apartment.  It has all the amenities you could want, including spacious bathrooms, granite counter tops, and stainless appliances.  If you have to live in an apartment, the one we live in is probably your best option.

Withthat said, I feel like our living room is a little bland.  It has a comfy couch an an armchair, the usual living room standards, but there's no wow factor there.  I'd love to create a space that is cozy and comfortable and inviting.  We're a little limited in that, the living room and kitchen are one big space.  We have no dedicated dining area, so we have dinner at the kitchen counter/stools.  When we were selecting the apartment we could have opted for either a dedicated dining space or more closets.  We chose more closets and I would make that choice again. #yesma'amIwould

Now when I look at the living room though, it feels very lifeless.  Nothing exciting or overly cozy about it.  I'd love to change it up a bit and give it a whole new feel.  Here is what I am starting with.

See, it has all the essentials, but nothing remarkable.  So my goal is over the next couple of months to switch it up a little bit.  Maybe new artwork, new accent pieces.  I love the rug, so I'd like it to stay.  I'd also like to not spend a lot of money on this as our goal is to move in a year or so and I don't want to do anything too involved seeing as how it's temporary.

The actual furniture (couch and chair) are staying.  Everything else is up for grabs if I can find something at the right price.

Phillip loved mid-century modern and I'm more of a classical type.  This one skews more towards his style than mine, but I like it.

I think I like this one even better.  It's a good compromise between his aesthetic and mine.

That end table would look nice with this coffee table.  It would crush me to lose the lower part of the coffee table we have now since that's where we stash the laptop, but it would definitely look cleaner and you would be able to see more of that rug.

I love my Texas "Home" pillow, but I'd also love a pop of color in that area.  In addition to the Home pillow, I'd love to add some like these:

But you know what gets me?  Those bare walls.  The artwork on them is nice, but not nearly big enough.  I'm thinking maybe something like this:

I want something big, bright, and bold.  Something that draws the eye right to it.  Not this one specifically, but I'll know it when I see it!

Of course I also plan to add some decorative pieces too - maybe some new lamps, a new cozy throw blanket, we'll see what happens.  Stay tuned!


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