12 September 2016

Life Lately

Happy Monday Y'all!  4.5 more days.  4.5 more work days and then I am off on vacation.  Our flight leave bright and early on Saturday morning.  So early, the shuttle is picking us up at 3am.  #yawn #notenoughcoffeeintexas

Besides counting down the days until vacation, what has been going on in our neck of the woods?  I'm so glad you asked.  Here's a peek into what's going on around here.

I started packing.  I pulled together the tops and shorts and dresses I planned on packing and flung them on top of the closet.  What?  I'm going to have to iron them once I get to the hotel anyway. #truth

leggings | bra (similar) | top (similar)

Barre class.  Many, many barre classes.  I took 4 last week and I have 5 scheduled this week before we leave for vacation.  #stillobsessed

I can tell it's working.  My core is so much stronger after these last 5 weeks.  None of the movements are easy, but I can do more than I could at the beginning.  And I feel stronger.  I LOVE it.

This cat.  I swear she is the goofiest thing.  She is determined at dinner time.  So determined.  The moment I am in the door from work, she assumes this position and stares me down until I feed her.  Oh, she whines too.  A lot.  #spoiled #spoiledrottenactually

leggings | bra (similar) | top (similar)

Um, more barre.  #icanthelpit #loveit #lifttoneburn #purebarrelascolinas

We tried a new restaurant this weekend, Pappasito's Cantina.  So delicious.  It's the same company that owns Pappadeaux and Pappas Bros. Steak House.  Both of which Phillip and I are big fans of.  Somehow we had never made it to Pappasito's before.  So glad we did.  I had shrimp tacos and the were so delicious.  Also, the chips and salsa were super tasty.

 After dinner we came home for our Saturday night usual - wine, cards, and college football.  We were alternating between Texas/UTEP and TCU/Arkansas.  I love an underdog so I was very interested in the Arkansas game.  Go Hogs!  I was so excited when they won.

 Sunday was the first Sunday of the NFL season.  We had plans to sit and watch the Cowboys game. We wanted chips and guacamole or something, but wanted to go with a lighter snack so we ended up with Broccomole.  It's like guac, but uses broccoli and light cream cheese as the base.  It is delicious and super easy to make.

And then my super amazing fiance made Sunday dinner.  Tortilla soup.  It was heavenly.  

Even more heavenly?  My Patriots WON.  Oh yeah!

So, yay me!  I won a mystery hostess prize from my awesome Stella & Dot rep, Dana.  I'm wearing a couple of my purchases here.

And I did a little baking.  Every week I try to bring something in for the staff on Mondays.  Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, bars, whatever I feel like making (or have a request for).  This week is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  #yum

That's a quick glimpse into us.  Not a lot of excitement this week, but we've been working hard because we're taking all next week off for vacation.

Have a great week everyone!



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