10 August 2016

Stranded! Footwear Edition

It's time for another edition of Stranded!  I'm linking up with Shay and Erika on this one.  This month we're talking about which shoes we would want if we were stuck stranded on an island.  

The first one is easy!  My reefs:

 I don't care which ones you pick.  Reefs are incredibly comfortable and last and last.  The pair I have now has gotten me through at least 3 summers of heavy wear.  If you don't own a pair of reefs, you should. #trustme

 For hiking and climbing around the island, I would have to go with these:

Skechers Go Walks.  Oh my goodness, these are the most comfortable shoes I own.  We're going to Disney in about 6 weeks and I am packing both of my pairs of Go Walks.  They are so comfy and they wash well.  I just throw mine in the wash with my workout clothes and let them air dry - good as new.

 If you're stuck on an island, you need to have a good pair of running shoes.  A few years ago I was fitted for running shoes and I walked away with a pair of Brooks.

Since I have been fitted I have not had any knee pain or shin splints, two things that used to plague me before.  They are so comfortable.  Mine are Ravennas, but they have a bunch of other styles as well.

 So there you go - the three pairs of shoes I would want to be stranded with.  What would you pick?

Come back on Friday - I'll be talking about my favorite books, movies, and tv shows of the summer!  Enjoy the rest of your week.




R's Rue said...


"The Mrs." said...

Lots of ladies are mentioning the Go Walks...maybe I need a pair?!?!!? Love your post. ;)

Nichole Fisher said...

I'm going to Disney in 6 weeks and am packing every pair I own. For real they are the most comfortable shoe I own.

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