09 August 2016

Life Lately

I apologize for the light posting last week.  Work was crazy, I was heading out of town for a wedding, time just got away for me.  Because of that, I have a slightly longer Life Lately post for you all today - a little peek into my crazy life.

top | jeans (similar and on sale!) | necklace (similar) | sandals (similar)
This outfit was for my last Friday off of the summer, so a week ago Friday.  I am loving this new t-shirt from lush.   Such a great color and it really pops against white jeans.  I went for a facial, which was incredibly relaxing, had lunch, and then Phillip and I went out for dinner.
dress | necklace | watch (similar)
We had a quiet day on Sunday - mainly errands and some stuff around the house.  I threw on this little dress (on sale at Loft) for the day.  There's just something about a pretty summer sundress, right?

I also did a little baking on Sunday.  Since it was Harry Potter's birthday (July 31), I made some butterbeer cupcakes to take in to my staff of Monday.

I also tackled something something on the wedding to-do list - I addressed the save the date cards.  That item is checked off the list.

This one decided to take a snooze on the pillows while I worked.

And then Wednesday, my new Stella & Dot purse came in and I immediately fell in love.  The strap is changeable so you can wear it as a hobo or as a crossbody.  #iloveagoodcrossbodybag

Thursday evening I pulled out the carryon suitcase and Kate immediately made herself at home as I attempted to pack.  #sheisnothelpful #butsheiscute

And then this handsome guy drove me to the airport Friday evening.  One of my cousins was getting married and I was headed to Rhode Island for a couple of days.

Yup.  I can travel light when I need to.  Once I learned to roll my clothes to pack them, a whole new world opened up for me and I have been able to fit things in smaller suitcases and can carry on most of the time.

I hate to fly, so I thought it would be a good idea to start the journey with a soothing cocktail.  This was a blood orange cooler and it was seriously delicious.  My only quibble is that there are crushed pieces of fruit in the drink and I am a firm believer that you shouldn't have to chew your drinks #nopulpever

And then I had more to drink on the plane.  It made for a relaxing plane ride.

Especially since I was flying JetBlue and was able to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies while in the air #olympicsjunkie #illwatchanythingrelatedtotheolympics

It was a seriously beautiful night for flying and the pilot did some excellent maneuvering around some storm clouds.  

I got in late  Friday night but was up early enough to go get this kid out of bed when she woke up on Saturday.  There is nothing like the love of a little kid, feeling her arms wrap around my neck as she squealed "Auntie Nichole!"

Then we all got dolled up and headed to a wedding.  I wore my favorite LBD, my leith racerback along with my Stella & Dot silver fringe necklace.  My sister borrowed the gold version of the same necklace.  And everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.

I adore my family, it was so nice to be able to spend Saturday evening with about 85% of the whole crazy crew.  And we clean up well.

 Sunday was a packed day - errands, brunch, seeing my grandmother, a party, and then packing and getting ready to head back to Texas.  We ventured out to brunch on Sunday and while the food was good, the wait for said food was interminable.  Kudos to this little miss for her excellent patience while we waited over an hour for our meals to come out.
Pit stop after getting through security in the Providence Airport means I got to grab a bottle of this stuff for a friend in Texas.  He and his wife and kids are addicted to it.  I try to grab him a bottle every time I visit home.

 And then lucky me!  When I left the gate in Charlotte in search of my connection, this was right in front of me #biscuitswereeaten #bosbiscuitsarethebest
dress | necklace | watch (similar) | shoes (similar)
I made it home from the airport in time to go to a barre class and then shower and dress to meet with the minister for the wedding.  One more thing off the to-do list!  All that's left is a florist and maybe a day-of coordinator.  Still debating that one.  I love this dress.  I forget how much until I put it on and then I tell myself I need to wear it more often.  It is so comfortable.  Oh and it's on sale right now.  This baby can be yours for under $40.
That's a peek into life lately - come back Friday for Friday favorites.  I'll be covering my favorite movies, tv, and books of the summer.



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