08 July 2016

Friday Favorites - Dallas Edition

I had a different Friday Favorites planned for today, but my heart is heavy.  The sniper shooting last night in my city has left me heartbroken.  Heartbroken for those who were downtown protesting peacefully - holding a vigil for those whose lives were taken too quickly by injustice.  Heartbroken for the police officers who were gunned down.  Heartbroken for my city, but we will heal.
I wasn't born in Dallas, heck, I wasn't born in Texas even.  For those of you who read who aren't my family, I was born in Rhode Island.  I've lived in Texas since 2010 with a brief 12 month stint back in Rhode Island in the middle.  But I love Texas.  I love living here and I especially love Dallas.  Since Dallas is so very present on my mind  this morning, here are my favorite things about where I love.
1.  This View 
I love this view.  Every time we drive into the city it takes my breath away and I think to myself, this is my city, this is where I get to live.  This is where I will get married and spend my life with husband.  I love living here.  And yes, technically we live in Irving, but it takes us about 10 minutes to get downtown.  
2.  The Mavericks


We love going to Mavericks games.  We saw one last year and two this year.  The AAC is a great venue and there is not a bad seat in the house.  We scream and yell and cheer and have a great time.  The DART train has a stop right outside our apartment complex and it has made travel down to the AAC so much simpler.  No hassle about parking, no hassle about traffic, and it's okay to have an extra drink because no one is driving.
3.  The Rangers
In case you haven't noticed, we're sports people.  Not only do we love the Mavericks, we love going to Globe Life Park to watch the Rangers Red Sox.  Now, I am a life long Red Sox fan.  I've been to Fenway several times.  I love Fenway.  If you want to talk about ease of travel, parking, and overall atmosphere I'd have to give the win to Globe Life Park.  Fortunately for me the Rangers and Red Sox are both in the AL, so I am guaranteed at least one series in Arlington per year and sometimes I am lucky enough to get two!  We've been to two games at the park so far this year and we'll probably get to at least one more before the end of the season.  
 4.  Fort Worth

We get visitors from time to time and the Fort Worth Stockyards is always a favorite.  Last time we even got Katie to sit on the bull.  There are some great restaurants like H3 and lots of fun shops at Stockyard Station #checkouthejerkystore #sodelicious

I work in Fort Worth and it reminds me a lot of Providence.  A smaller city about an hour from a much larger city, but still has this great charm and character about it.  Working there feels a little bit like being home, but with a Western twist #therearecopsonhorses #peoplereallywearcowboyhatseveryday

5.  The Arts

 Winspear Opera House at AT&T Performing Arts Center

Perot Museum
We've recently been to the Perot Museum and it's fun!  It's great for kids (and adults too).  There are tons of interactive exhibits including an earthquake simulator.  The Winspear is a great performance venue.  We've seen two shows there now and there is not a bad seat in the house.  And added bonus, you get to view the Dallas skyline on your way to them.
Besides the Perot and the Winspear there's the Dallas Museum of Art.  They do a late night the third Friday of the month that we keep wanting to check out #someday.  There's also  the Kimbell in Fort Worth.

6.  Nature

The Fort Worth Zoo is great.  We love the zoo.  Every spring there is a 5k that finishes with a lap through the zoo.  It's a great event and you get a ticket for free admission to the zoo at a later date.  I've been twice now and would go back again.  I've heard great things about the Dallas Zoo too, but we haven't made it that way yet.

7.  State Fair

Last year was my first trip to the Texas State Fair.  We went early to beat the crowds and it was a blast.  I had my first ever corn dog #umyesplease.  I saw Big Tex #thenewone #oldoneburneddown #hetalks.  We saw the livestock, listened to live music, rode some of the rides, looked at the cars, checked out the home section, and basically explored all the nooks and crannies at Fair Park.  I can't wait to go back.

8.  The Rest

And I love all the rest - the people, the restaurants, the opportunities.  Dallas is growing and expanding.  Jobs, housing, construction, it is going on.  It is a thriving, growing, exciting place to live and I am so happy to be living here.  

The people are warm and friendly.  I can't tell you how many times I've had random conversations with people in stores, restaurants, hair salons, you name it.  They want to know you sugar #blessyourheart.  I love it.  

I could do a whole post on just the restaurants #anotherday #ipromise but rest assured you won't go hungry in Dallas.

I love living here and I would not want to be anywhere else.  Hug your people closer and have a great weekend y'all.




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