01 July 2016

Friday Favorites and a Giveaway Winner!

It's that time again - happy Friday y'all!  And it's the Friday of July 4th weekend! #canigetanamen

Here's what I'm in love with this week and make sure you read to the end to see the Giveaway Winner!

1. Lancome Juicy Shakers 

By now you all know that I love makeup.  I discovered these Lancome Juicy Shakers recently and it was love at first try.  I may love it a little bit more than my beloved Chubby Sticks.  The color goes on sheer, so don't worry about how deep or bright the color is in the bottle.  You get a kiss of color and they smell incredible!  This shade is Piece of Cake and it smells like vanilla.

And...right now Nordstrom has a Lancome gift with purchase which means this is the perfect time to try these out.

2.  Deva Curl

Now you wouldn't know from my pictures because I feel like I photograph better with my hair straight, but my hair is naturally curly.  Super curly.  But I have #weddinggoals and that means growing my hair out which means I need to be super nice to it so it stays healthy and grows as long as I can get it to.  To do this I've been shying away from heat styling tools.  I invested in some new hair care products specifically for curly hair and I am loving this Deva Curl line.  I use the No-Poo Cleanser, the One Condition Conditioner, and the Styling Cream.  I also recommend the micro-fiber towel.  It has helped keep the frizz at bay.  Regular towels pull at my strands and the mirco-fiber has been a game changer.

Wow what a difference.  My curls have never looked better.  Maybe someday I'll be brave and post a pic.

3.   Dreft Laundry Boosters

Y'all.  I can't even with these Dreft Blissfuls.  I use them on my towels and sheets.  I have sensitive skin so I use dreft detergent.  I discovered it's addicting scent when my sister had Rayla and started using it then.  I can't even tell you how relaxing it is to crawl into a freshly made bed that smells of dreft or to use your towels after the shower.  You can use them on clothes too, but I just use them on my linens.

4.  My Withings Scale 

 Now I'm not a huge techie, but I love when technology works for me and makes my life easier.  This little beauty has an app, but I don't really use the app because the scale syncs to my Weight Watcher account, which means when I weigh myself my Weight Watchers info is automatically updated.  That and it tracks your BMI, your hydration, and your progress day to day.  You can have multiple users on it and it will recognize you when you step on it.  Love.

5.  My mini-steamer 

I love this.  I use it all. the. time.  Instead of busting out the iron, with the exception of jeans, almost all of my clothes get steamed instead of pressed.  No ironing board to mess with, the steam is easy on my clothes, and its super quick to heat up.  It also packs easily and I take it on the road with me whenever I travel.  

6.  YouTube Makeup Tutorials

I discovered KathleenLights first.  The makeup I wore for New Year's Eve was from one of her tutorials.  I've learned how to use makeup brushes and new ways to apply all the different types of makeup I have.  She's chatty and adorable and I could watch these for hours.

Watching Kathleen lead me to Jaime Paige.  She also has some great tutorials.  My recent favorite has been this one:

And now for the FitBit Giveaway Winner!  Congrats to

Billie-Jo D.!

Congrats and I will be in touch about claiming your prize.  Thank you all for participating and there will be another giveaway next month so stay tuned...

Have a great July 4th weekend everyone!



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