21 June 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Pets

Today is a Show and Tell Day!  I love these.  This week's theme?  Pets!  If you have been reading along with me for awhile, you know I have two cats - Jack and Katia.  


Also known as Captain Jack, Baby, and Boy-o, he has been with me for almost 11 years.  He was born in Spring 2005 and I adopted him from the MSPCA Angell Adoption Center in Boston when I worked at the Boston Conservatory.  My step-father calls him Big Paws.  I knew when I picked him out that he would be a larger cat as his paws were HUGE.  

Ah, my handsome boy as a kitten in our little Boston studio.  I worked in housing at the time and my RAs loved him.  It was nice because when I traveled I always had volunteers to take care of him.  It was mostly always him and me though, so he takes some time to warm up to people and tends to keep to himself.  We got along quite well together and he has since almost forgiven me for sedating him when I moved to Louisiana.

Isn't he a gorgeous cat?  We stayed in Louisiana for approximately 10 months and then moved to North Carolina.  I had been in RDU for about 6 months and I thought it might be a good idea to get another cat...


Katia, aka Kate, KittyKate, Pudge, Princess, or Whiny, came home with me in the Spring of 2008 from the Wake County SPCA.  I had originally went in because I had seen a little black kitten up for adoption but that cat was gone by the time I got there.  Kate immediately stole my heart.  She was a wee little thing.

Jack hated her.  It took some time and training for them to cohabitate in the same house.  Kate is the more social of the two and wants to play and be next to you (or Jack).  Jack would just rather be left alone.  He wants snuggles and pets on his terms, no one else's.    Kate loves to play and romp and is incredibly nosy.

Both are spoiled beyond belief and Phillip has gotten in on the act now as well.  We were at Target this weekend picking up cat food and saw a new toy in the pet aisle.  He said, "we should get that for Kate".  I laughed and said, "she has plenty of toys."  To which he replied with a shrug of his shoulders, "So what, let's get it".  And into the cart it went.

And yes, they have their own game on the iPad.  #firstworldcatproblems

Kate is my shadow, she's like a dog.  She wants to be where I am all the time.  Preferably in sight of the window because she's also nosy and needs to know what is going on with everyone at all times.


Kate is also my vocal cat - 4:50 almost every morning she bounds onto the bed to start whining for breakfast.  At night, she leaps onto the night stand to whine for ear scritches until she curls up next to me on the bed for a few minutes.  

Jack is getting older - he's technically a senior kitty now.  I try not to think too much about how much longer he'll be around.  It could be 2 years, it could be another 10.  He's got arthritis in his hips and he's not the jumper that he used to be.  Phillip hasn't completely won him over yet, but if he's got the laser pointer out, Jack will usually play along.  

While neither of them are the lap cats or snugglers that I always wanted, I couldn't imagine not having either of them.


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