24 June 2016

Friday Favorites and a Giveaway!

Is it Friday again?  These summer weeks go by so fast!  Today I'm spending my Friday off with one of my favorites, Phillip's niece Olivia and if you don't read through to the end, at least scroll through because I have a giveaway!  So what am I loving this week?
1.  Work Outs

I run three to four times a week.  The other three days I do 21 Day Fix.  And truly, my arms have never looked better!  #iwantmichelleobamaarms 

Autumn Calabrese is motivating and I feel the fittest I ever have in my life.  Most of the dvds are 4 rounds of 2 exercises done twice, one minute per exercise.  You can do anything for a minute!  One of the participants does a modified version, so if you're a newbie you can start with her and work your way up.  The Dirty 30 workout is my favorite of the pack followed by Upper Fix.  

I am loving my new FitBit.  This version is the Alta.  I like that I can see my steps right on the front.  I liked my Flex too, but am LOVING the Alta.

I've mentioned my love of Zella before.   They have very cute, very well made, very well priced (compared to lululemon, athleta, or lucy) workout gear.  The live in crops are great and they make my legs look amazing when I wear them #truth
Aren't these tops cute?  And how fun is that white one in the middle?  Oh and these three are all on sale #yourewelcome
2.  New Lipstick

My new favorite lipstick, Tarte's Lippie Lingerie sticks are the perfect matte nudes.  It wears so well and isn't drying at all.  I always get nervous with matte lipsticks that they will dry out my lips and I have not experienced that at all with this.
3.  Headpieces

 In trying to decide how I want to wear my hair for my wedding, I have stumbled upon these and I am head over heels for them #punintended
They are so delicate and pretty and are just the look I am going for.  I'm not really wanting to wear a veil, so something like this will strike the right balance I think.
4.  Dead Wake

My current reading obsession is Dead Wake, by Erik Larson.  It's about the sinking of the Lusitania and I have been gripped since the first chapter.  I'm hoping to finish this weekend.  If you liked Devil in the White City, you should pick this one up or download, however you prefer your books these days.
5.  Self Tanner 

I have a love/hate relationship with self tanners.  I feel the need to use them because I am the whitest person ever #sopale, but I hate the smell and the streaks.  However, I discovered these Dr. Gross pads from Shay and they are the best.  There is a version for the face and a larger version for the body.  I use them on Sunday nights after I shower just before bed.  They work they're magic overnight and I wake up with a golden glow.  Hands down this is the best self tanner I have ever used.

Are you still with me? Now it's time for a giveaway.  Who wants a FitBit Flex?  If you've never worn a FitBit this is a perfect version to start with.  They've got tons of band options and it's a great way to monitor your steps and your sleep!  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post - what is your favorite way to work out?  I can't wait to read all of your responses.

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Have a great weekend all!




Sean said...

My favorite workout is working as a soccer referee. I get paid to exercise!

Nichole Fisher said...

I bet you get a lot of steps in, ha ha

Lisa said...

Working out is challenging for me. Once I get started I'm good, it's getting there. Walking on a treadmill is my favorite. With having allergies, outside walking can be difficult. On a treadmill I get the benefit of working out and also am able to control my asthma. I know I can get to where I want to be physically, sometimes I need a push though.

Unknown said...

Lately the only workouts I get are running after my kids!

MelissaM said...

Does chasing Rayla count? Lol I am back and forth with the 21 day fix. Gotta get refocused!

Nichole Fisher said...

I'm of the opinion that you should take whatever you can get and kids move quick!

Nichole Fisher said...

Focus! When I go back to regular hours I'm going to start Hammer & Chisel

Unknown said...

My favorite way to workout is with other friends, since nothing is more motivating than those that are routing for you and pushing you to suceed!

Nichole Fisher said...

So true!

Pam OBrien said...

I love doing yoga and walking.

Nichole Fisher said...

I keep wanting to try yoga, everyone I know who has done it has loved it.

C. Giusti said...

So cool to read your blog. You look amazing! All of the best to you!!

Nichole Fisher said...

Thanks! You too - fingers crossed for you on your new endeavor!

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