11 May 2016

Stranded: Book Edition

Oh it's been so long since I've blogged and I miss it.  I need to carve out time to make this work.  So I'm jumping back in with a linked post... 

Stranded with Shay and Erika!  This month we're discussing what three books we'd want with us if we were stranded on an island.  The first two were easy.  They were books I've read over and over and over again and never get tired of them.

I can actually thank Mrs. Williams, my high school English teacher for the first two recommendations.  One is a book she required us to read and the other is by an author she required us to read.  I discovered this book after she made us read another.

I will forever love Pride and Prejudice.  I am just about to finish reading it for the 523rd time.  Not really, but it's probably a close estimation.  I just love the interplay between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy.  

This is such a good book.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Mrs. Williams had us read The Shell Seekers which is also fantastic.  But I keep coming back to Coming Home.  A sweeping WWII epic novel it captures romance, heartache, the war, everything - without being over the top.  Read it, you'll love it, I promise.
Oh and what to pick for the third?  I'll have to go with Agatha Christie.  She's another favorite.  I love her stuff and I wish that I had discovered how much I liked her years ago as my grandmother used to read her books and we have that in common.  She passed away about 9 years ago, so we never got to share the experience.  Which Agatha Christie book to pick though?  Murder on the Orient Express?  And Then There Were None?  Nope...

Oh this one is good. I could read it over again.  And I have.  Not as many times as P & P and Coming Home, but a fair number.  
That's my list!  Which three books would you pick if you were stranded on an island?

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