27 May 2016

Friday Favorites - Make-Up Edition

And we made it to Friday - yay!  My day has been good so far.  I slept in a little late after girls' night at the movies last night and by late I mean 7:30am.  I got a great workout in and then met a friend for lunch.  I love my summer Fridays off.  

For Friday favorites this week I thought I would share some of my make-up favorites with you.  I am a make-up junkie.  I love it.  Always have, always will.  I have a whole drawer full of it in the bathroom and when Rayla comes to visit she loves to help Auntie Cole pick out her lipstick.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I'm highlighting my faves in your standard make-up categories.  This might be a long post, but if you love make-up, it might be worth your while.  (Dad, you can stop reading now...)

1.  Perfume

I LOVE perfume.  Love it.  I always have several in rotation and pick a scent based on my mood or what I'm doing that day.  Some have been favorites for a long, long time and others are new to rotation.  And one you can't even get anymore #sadtrombone

Front row: Amazing Grace | YSL L'Homme (Phillip's) | Ralph Lauren Romance 

Left to Right: Tory Burch | Nest Dahlia | Banana Republic Classic

The one I reach for the most lately is Tory Burch followed by Nest.  I love the floral Dahlia when I'm dressed to go out and about.  I generally use when I've got a tank, jeans, and sandals on #woreittoday.  The Tory Burch has been my go-to for work lately.

2.  Primer

Moment of truth here, y'all.  I thumbed my nose at the idea of primer for so so long.  And then I stumbled on this Urban Decay primer at Sephora and after the first time using it I was SOLD.  A little goes a long way so this tiny tube will last you a long time.  You definitely get your money's worth.  I've ventured into more than just a pale, nude eyeshadow every day and the primer helps it stay put.

3.  Concealer

 Urban Decay Skin Concealer in Light Neutral (Left) and Medium Light Neutral (Right)

I originally bought Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the light color for under my eyes but it was too light so I went with the medium light and use the light color on my nose and cheekbones as a highlight.

4.  Face Powder

This is my go-to, my every day, no matter what I put this on.  I don't usually wear foundation unless I am 1. being photographed for an event  2. attending said event  3.  a special occasion.  Otherwise I go with this Lancome Dual Finish Powder.  It provides the perfect amount of coverage and feels weightless on my skin.

5.  Foundation

  With that said, when I do have to wear foundation I reach for one of these.  I hate the feeling of foundation on my skin.  I have tried a million different kinds.  This is why you won't see BB or CC cream in this list.  The second I put them on, I feel like they are just sitting on my skin.  The Lancome and smashbox are the two that I have found that don't feel heavy on me and I hardly notice I'm wearing them.

6.  Eyeshadow

This is my every day eyeshadow choice.  The Naked2 Basics.  Just for everyday, I take the farthest left color and swipe it all over from my lashes to my eyebrow.  Then I take the third from the left and add that just to my lid.  Then I take the second from the right and add that to my crease.  It takes me about 60 seconds total to do both eyes.  Easy peasy #lemonsqueezy

This Urban Decay palette is what I reach for when I have an occasion and I want to do something a little more dramatic. If I do go with this kind of eye I will barely use blush and stick with a nude lip.

  7.  Eyeliner

I am realizing now that I forgot to grab a pic of the eyeliner.  #sigh.  What I reach for most days is either Kat Von D or Stila liquid pen eyeliners.  They wear great and I can use a little or a lot.  Both of these go on smooth as silk and stay put all day.  I have dry eyes and need to use eye drops several times a day and even with that these eyeliners do not budge, yet come off easily with make-up remover.   

8.  Eyebrows

I have very thin brows.  I love my natural shape, but I need a little help filling them out.  These two are my favorites.  And the Sonia Kashiuk one is only $5.99.  #truevalue 

9.  Mascara

Another moment of truth - up until about 8 years ago, mascara was not part of my daily make-up routine.  I know, I know.  I can't believe I was so remiss either.  But I was introduced to the error of my ways by my cousin Kelly and I have been a convert ever since.  My current faves?  The Falsies and Lancome Definicils.  I'll even layer them.  Definicils gives me great length and The Falsies gives me thicker, fuller lashes.

10.  Blush

 I have always been a blush fanatic.  This little baby right here allows me to get all the versions I love in one handy little package.  This is from benefit and it's called Cheekathon.  It's got 5 versions of their blush:  Dandelion which is a pretty, soft pink; Hoola, a bronzer; Rockateur is an amazing rose-gold blush and is my hands down favorite; Dallas is a rosy bronze; and Coralista is a peachy-pink.  You can layer them, you can use the bronzer with the blush, it's so versatile and I don't have a million little blush containers floating around my drawer.

11.  Lips

Clinique Chubby Sticks Fuller Fig (Left) and Richer Raisin (Right)
These Clinique Chubby Sticks are my every day choices for lipstick.  Weekend, daytime, work, it works everywhere.  They glide on smooth and give a great tint.  Not heavy, they don't leave lipstick marks all over my coffee cups.

 Clinique Lipstick in Vintage Wine

These two are my go-to options for a night out.  It's so hard to find the perfect red and the Vintage Wine is mine.  The Havana Nights is slightly more brown/orange, but it still pops well.  If I wear these then I do a very soft, neutral eye.

12.  Travel

Urban Decay Naked on the Run
I love this palette right here for travel.  I just pop it into my case with my face powder and a couple of brushes and it has everything I need.  A slightly red but still nude lip gloss, blush and bronzer, eye liner, mascara, and eye shadow.  All in one case?  #perfection
13.  Bonus

  I've got two bonus items for you today.  The first is the Kevyn Aucoin Scultping Powder.  I use it for contouring.  It blends beautifully and gives a nice bronzy glow.  I look super healthy when I use this, ha ha.  The second is the Cynthia Rowley Illuminator.  I few dots on my cheekbones, eyebrow bones and it brightens my whole look.

Those are my make-up favorites!  I reach for them most days and they are all very easy to use.  My make-up routine takes me about 5-7 minutes, so easy to use products are a must.  Hopefully you found some new items to try!  Have a great weekend all!


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