08 November 2015

life lately

I'm not going to apologize for lack of posting anymore :)  I try to sit down and post but something has gotten in my way every time for the last few months.  I'm hoping once we get through the next 4 weeks that everything will slow down for a bit. So what's been going on, you may ask?  Let's go back to the beginning of October, shall we?

State fair!  Texas State Fair to be exact and it was fun!  I had never been.  We went early for when the midway opened.  I had my first ever corn dog.  To quote Phillip, "It's a fried hot dog babe, it isn't going to suck."
We also rode one of the rides which allowed me to take this picture of the Dallas skyline.  My city and my heart.  I love Texas.  I think that every time we drive through downtown and I catch a glimpse of this.
Lake Carolyn at sunrise.  So pretty, I love this view when I'm running around the lake in the mornings.

 Phillip and I took a trip to Rhode Island at the end of October to help this little lady celebrate birthday number 3.  We took her out to breakfast and then Build-a-Bear for a surprise where she immediately zeroed in on Rarity (a My Little Pony) and that was it.

She loved her tricycle from Auntie Cole (me).  Thanks to my brother for the assist in putting it together since I knew Phillip and I wouldn't have time to do it before the party.  Her pedaling is okay, but she needs a little work on steering.
Phillip and I went to my brother's that night for a little fun family competition.  MarioKart and Taboo.  I'm glad Phillip is as competitive as I am.
On Sunday we drove up to Boston to spend the day there.  We hit Presidential library #2 - the JFK Library and Museum.  I loved it, Phillip did too.
One of Jackie's dresses.  The picture does not do it justice.  There was a lot to see and take in.  It's all impressive.

 A grey day, but we enjoyed being out and about in the Fall weather.  After the museum we drove downtown to hit up the North End for lunch and to snag some Cannolis from Mike's Pastry.   
 We strolled through Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall.  The last time we were in Boston we did a Duck Tour, so we only got to see a little bit of everything.  This time we were able to be leisurely and wander and just enjoy the day.

And when we got back it was time to start packing.  Less than 4 weeks until moving day and there's a lot to do.  Anyone want to buy a washer and dryer???
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love trick or treaters and kids telling me all about their costumes.  On the Friday before Halloween, my campus hosted a Trick or Treat down Main Street (the main corridor in one of the buildings) and there were TONS of kids.  We had a blast handing out candy.
And now I'm in Houston for TACRAO.  Yesterday was grey and wet, but the next few days are supposed to be sunny, at least until Wednesday which is when I fly back to Dallas.
I ran 3 miles this morning and then set out to finish my presentation for tomorrow.  I still need to finish, don't ask me why I'm procrastinating.  I just am.  Three days here in Houston learning about lots of things in the world of Admissions, Records, and Registration.  I love these experiences and the chance to see what other institutions are doing that are new or different.
That's a peek into life lately...I will probably not get the chance to post again until after the move, but we'll see.  What have you all been up to lately?

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