29 July 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I can't believe August is around the corner.  Praise be that we are back to normal work hours next week.

What We're Eating This Week -Phillip and I are generally healthy eaters.  Lots of grilled chicken and vegetables and occasionally rice.  We try to limit eating out to once a week.  One of our go-to dinners is turkey burgers and we discovered that this recipe from Mix and Match Mama is delicious.  I made the recipe as is, but instead of buns we used sandwich thins and added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to the finished product.  

I'm also traveling this week - Anaheim, CA to be exact.  I was here last year and that's when I discovered Roy's.  One of my all time favorite restaurants.  I got here and checked my schedule and immediately made a reservation.  If the food looks delicious, it's because it was delicious, even though I only had a few bites of the salad (the rest is lunch today), about a third of the pork and the prawns, and about half of the souffle.

What I'm Reminiscing About - My niece is the cutest thing ever.  Seriously, how can you not love that face?  She's almost 3 and there's very little "baby" left about her.  Actually, if you call her baby, she will immediately correct you and let you know that she is indeed a big girl.

What I'm Loving - My 21 Day Fix workouts.  I fit them in along with my running and I feel great.  It's a great workout that works the whole body and there are so many ways to change it up that I'm never bored.   If you're ever interested in trying these out, let me know and I can put you in touch with an awesome, amazing, inspiring coach. 

What We've Been Up To - Work has been crazy for both Phillip and I, and I don't see any indication of it slowing down. Last week, I looked at my schedule and saw a day I could take a vacation day.  I asked permission, it was granted, and I got to have lunch at Mellow Mushroom with these two.  By the way, if you've never had Mellow Mushroom pizza, I highly recommend it.  It was so good.

What I'm Dreading The next few weeks are going to be crazy at work as we get ready for the beginning of Fall semester.  Oh and we've finally hit that stretch of 100 degree weather.  Fall, please be right around the corner.  I'm ready for boots and sweaters.  Oh, and the flight home today.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate flying?  Even though I get views like this, I am a nervous wreck from takeoff to landing.

What I'm Working On Reading.  I'm trying to catch up on my magazines.  I've been a loyal InStyle subscriber since the first issue.

I'm also reading Home is Where My People Are, by Sophie Hudson.  AKA BooMama.  She has a great, conversational writing style.  Her first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet was excellent and so far I am really enjoying this follow-up.

What I'm Excited About - This skyline.  I love Dallas.  If you had asked me 10 years ago if I ever pictured myself living in Texas, I probably would have laughed.  Oh how wrong I was.  There is no place I would rather be and every time I catch a glimpse of this skyline, I am reminded of how much Dallas and Texas is my home.

What I'm Watching/Reading - True Detective!  Only 2 episodes left and I cannot wait to see how they wrap this all up.    

What I'm Listening To - Um, Taylor Swift?  I'm kind of addicted to 1989.  Especially Blank Space.

What I'm Wearing - Some cute summery skirts and dresses from the usual places, loft and banana republic.  The cardigan is from loft and the skirt and tank are from br. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend - Hitting up weight watchers (for focusing on nutrition, I have found that this is what works for me and keeps me on track), and relaxing and spending time with my guy.  I've been away since Sunday and won't really get to see him until the weekend, so I'm looking for a nice quiet weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month - Auntie Lynn and Uncle Jim come to visit for Jackson and Lila's 7th birthday.  It'll be nice to get to see them.  I've also promised, said almost 7 year olds, a sleepover.  So that will be happening too.

What Else is New -  My mom and stepfather are coming to visit in September!!!  Yay!  On the agenda: the stockyards, dinner at Kosta's, and the Fair
What Will You Miss Most About Summer - I'm not quite sure how to answer this one.  Summer is not my favorite season.  I love getting to spend time in the pool, but I love running in the cooler weather and I hate being hot.  I do like the longer days where the sun doesn't set until 9pm, but that's about all I'll miss.  Bring on Fall and Winter!

What's new with you? 

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Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

Hope you have a great time in Anaheim! I'm super jealous that you live in Dallas! I love that city & the skyline is gorgeous!

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