17 July 2015

life lately

We are enjoying summer here in Texas.  They keep saying the 100 degree temperatures are coming, but we haven't experienced them yet.  I am perfectly content to have them stay at bay a little longer, especially since the humidity has abated a little bit.  

A few weeks ago it was my institution's "night at the ballgame".  A night game under a covered awning along with some peanuts and crackerjacks.  Okay, for us it was garlic fries and ice cream, but whatever.  It was fun and I have decided I prefer evening games to day games.  Oh, and the Rangers lost that night :(

I was asked by my doctor to get a mammogram.  She recommends her patients between the ages of 35 and 40 do a baseline mammogram so they have a comparison when it comes time for the yearlies.  So I did my due diligence and went.  I highly recommend Baylor Grapevine, it was like a spa y'all.  Tranquil music in your own private changing room, soft kimono robes, and an assortment of toiletries for after.  They thought of everything and my tech was amazing.

So Target had a shoe sale...by the time I got to check it out there were only a handful of size 11s left.  Which was probably a good thing. 

July 4th was a great day.  Phillip and I decided to check out the Las Colinas festivities.  We cooked and I made skillet brownies for dessert.  We wandered out to listen to the live music, see what food trucks were there, and watched the fireworks that night.  A very nice, low-key 4th.

On our first "official" date, Phillip and I had dinner at Mi Dia and it has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants.  If you haven't tried it yet, you should.  I always get the duck carnitas street tacos and we usually order the housemade guacamole that they make tableside.  

Have I mentioned that Phillip can cook?  He doesn't think he's good, but he is.  And last weekend he made brisket.  Brisket tacos anyone?  It was delicious, and I'm not usually a red meat eater. 

Everyone, meet Phoebe.  She's my cousin's dog and she is the sweetest little muffin of love.  You can't not love her, it's impossible.

Every summer there is a meeting of Admissions/Registrar types in Austin.  It's the same week every summer and I've been going now for the last 5 years. Day 1, ready to be inundated with all kinds of information.

And then it was sushi for dinner.  I take advantage of my travel opportunities to eat sushi.  Phillip doesn't care for it, so it's not part of our regular rotation when we decide to eat out.  I know he would say, if you really want to go I'm sure I could find something.  But I like so many other types of food, it's not like I'm missing out and I get my fill when I'm on the road.

Only a couple more weeks of summer hours and then it's back to 8-5.  I can't wait to get back to my normal schedule, although that means that fall semester is right around the corner.  Oh and only 164 days until our Vegas trip.  Let the countdown begin!

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