24 June 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Is it that time already?  I cannot believe it has been four weeks.  The time is just flying by.

What We're Eating This Week - We were at the ballpark last night for the Rangers game.  So we had garlic fries for dinner.  I think the garlic fries at Globe Life Park are the best thing on the menu.  Tonight we have one of our favorites, balsamic chicken with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.  We've intentionally been eating healthier so it's been a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables - zucchini, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli.  All are in rotation right now.

What I'm Reminiscing About - This peanut!  I feel so blessed to have been a part of her life for her whole first year on this planet.  She is such a joy.  Too smart for her own good.  This was from her first summer and we had such a blast with her.

What I'm Loving - Astronaut Wives Club on ABC.  Please check it out.  I read the book and could not put the book down.  It's now a short series on ABC for the summer.  60s costumes, make-up, and food?  Check.  Space program?  Check.  Love it.

What We've Been Up To - Work, work, and more work.  P has had a crazy, busy season at work and we've just started Fall registration where I work.  Add in more webinars and e-learning about International Admissions (I've been doing  A LOT of reading on the topic), and it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  We did take time this weekend to spend Father's Day with P's family and we took some time to hit the driving range.

Please note my shoes.  I was ill prepared for a stop at the driving range.  I also had never in my life swung a golf club as is also evidenced by my awkward stance.

What I'm Dreading Five more weeks of summer hours.  I know, I know - I get Fridays off.  And when we get to Friday I am always happy for the extra day in my weekend.  Monday through Thursday is tough though and it messes with my whole routine.  I don't like getting home at 6:30 and then working out and then making dinner and then trying to relax and spend time with P.  I want that extra hour back in my evenings. 

What I'm Working On Coloring.  No kidding.  I bought an adult coloring book.  Get your mind out of the gutter, ha ha.  It's supposed to help you relieve stress.  It can't hurt to try and I get to break out the colored pencils again.

What I'm Excited About - This.

I found these little cans at World Market.  Can't wait to try one this weekend.

Also - my diploma arrived!  My plan now is to have all three diplomas professionally matted in one frame instead of three large diploma frames.  I'm officially a doctor.  I still can't believe it sometimes.  If you had asked me 20 years ago when I was starting college (and holy cow I just realized that 20 years ago I was at Freshman Orientation) I would never have imagined I would have my doctorate.

What I'm Watching/Reading - We've already covered Astronaut Wives Club, but we also just started the new season of True Detective and we binge watched Daredevil on Netflix.  I'm still reading Missoula, hopefully I'll have that one completed by the next time I post one of these. 

What I'm Listening To - Lately it's been jazz.  And Willie Nelson.  Both due to P's influence and the fact that he drives most places and the driver controls the radio...not that I'm complaining.  I am learning to love Texas country music. 

What I'm Wearing - Some of my faves recently from Loft and BR. I call this one my Mad Men dress.  I think you can see why.

What I'm Doing This Weekend - P's parents are taking us out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate my birthday.  Other than that I don't think we have anything else planned.  Which is not a bad thing.  I am all for a lazy weekend once in awhile.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month - July 4th!  The new Terminator movie.  Traveling to Austin and Anaheim (both work trips).  A trip to Austin means catching up with my friend Shasta which means a long lunch and I am so excited to see her. 

What Else is New This gorgeous guy is 10 years old and this coming August will mark 10 years since I got him from Angell/SPCA in Boston.  He can be alternately grumpy and sweet and he prefers me to P, unlike that traitor Kate who has ditched me for P's affections.

What I'm Doing for July 4th - P lives on Lake Carolyn in Irving and that's where the city of Irving does their July 4th celebration.  I think we're going to lay low that day and just hang out and wait for the music and fireworks out his door that night.

What's new with you? 

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