11 June 2015

life lately

It had been raining for weeks here in Texas.  I was ready to build an ark.  I was downtown for a meeting and looked up and this brilliant blue sky greeted me.  The rain hasn't been back since.

For P's birthday, we went to the opera.  For my birthday, I asked to see my Red Sox play in Arlington against the Rangers.  Wish granted.  Although my team lost, we had a lot of fun at the game.

Oh and these two got married.  Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs.  That's my baby brother for those of you reading this who aren't related to me.  He and his lovely bride got married in Turks & Caicos in May.  Which meant P and I were about to get on a plane to head to Rhode Island for the wedding reception.  Oh and for P to meet my Big Fat Italian Family.

 A throwback from another wedding.  This is me and my dad at a wedding back when I was about 4 years old.  This gem recently made its way to me and I'm happy I have it in my photograph collection now.  My brother's wedding reception was so nice.  We had a lot of fun and it was great to see my brother and his wife so happy.

We were in town for the whole weekend and P had never been to Boston so on Saturday we drove into the city and had lunch and did a duck tour.  If you've never been to Boston, a duck tour is a great way to see a little bit of everything.  Next time we're in town we've already decided to have dinner in the North End.

What trip home would be complete without party pizza?  

I think Sunday was my favorite of the days we were there.  No offense to the newlyweds (the reception was awesome!), but on Sunday it was just P and I and the Atlantic Ocean.  We met a couple of my friends for brunch and then he and I drove to Newport for the day. We could not have asked for a better day.  Gorgeous skies, an ocean breeze, and some quiet time with just the two of us. 

 One of the most famous things to do in Newport is the Cliff Walk. Right along the coast with the mansions at your back.  It doesn't get more beautiful than this.

 Being an active, outdoors-loving, kind of guy, P really liked Newport.  We could have stayed longer and just watched the ocean.  There's nothing like the sound of the waves breaking and the feeling of the wind off the ocean as it plays with your hair.

It was nice, but I don't think it's big enough for us.  Just kidding, this is the Breakers - one of the mansions in Newport.  Once owned by the Vanderbilt family, it's 138,000 square feet.  Did I mention it has 20 bathrooms?   P and I are history buffs, so touring the breakers was right up our alley.

 Our final excursion, dinner at my mom's house.  I got to hang out with this kid.  If she's going to take a picture, she prefers a selfie thank-you-very-much.  And would also prefer if you make a silly face.  She is too much sometimes.  I'm lucky I get to be her auntie.

So what's on tap this summer?  Maybe a little pool time, another trip to the Rangers Ball Park, some relaxing weekends hopefully, July 4th fireworks, and who knows what else.  I do know that Fall will be here before we know it.

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