18 October 2013

The Stars at Night

Are big and bright...do you know the rest?  Deep in the heart of Texas... I had decided once I moved back to Boston last year that in a few years, if the right position came up in Texas or North Carolina, I would move back to the South.  Well, that day has come sooner rather than later.  An excellent opportunity has presented itself so I am packing up and heading back to DFW.  More FW than D this time as the school I'll be working for is in Fort Worth.

This all happened very quickly and there are moments when I can scarcely believe that its happening.  Fortunately, the apartment complex that I used to live in (and loved) had a unit available, so housing is taken care of.  Where am I going to live is usually the biggest question.  This time, that was the easy part.  The difficult part (or one of them any way) was telling my current employer that I was leaving.  I really like my current job and the people I work with, so telling them was not incredibly enjoyable.  The other difficult part will be leaving my family and my super sweet niece, Rayla.  Fortunately at 11.5 months she's already a pro at Facetime.  Another bright spot - almost all of my possessions are still in storage where the movers left them when I moved last year.  So we're pretty much just reversing the process.  And all of this is happening in about 3 weeks.  3 weeks!  Crazy.  I told you this happened very quickly.  Fort Worth, here I come.

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