28 October 2013

Monday Day Book

I am thinking … that I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks left in Boston.

I am thankful for ... this new opportunity in Texas.  And the idea of a winter without snow.

I am reading The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow
I am hoping …that I can get a good night's sleep tonight.  Katia decided that 3:45am was a great time to play with the moving boxes and try to peel the tape off.

On my mind ... trying to remember my keys when I leave work today.  It's not fun to get on the train and realize you don't have your pass...

I'm learning ... to pick my battles.  I have a short time left at my current position and there are things not worth causing a fuss over before I go.

Noticing that ... it's getting darker earlier. 

From the kitchen …lunch with two co-workers at Abe & Louie's.  I can vehemently recommend the Lobster Club Sandwich with the Sweet Potato Fries.  It will also be lunch for the next two days.  I will say, another perk of the surgery is that I have leftovers for days.

Around the house ... packing everything up to bring over to the storage unit this weekend so the movers can do their thing.  And once I am out, apparently downstairs becomes a play room.

One of my favorite things... Sofia the First.  Seriously, it's growing on me, along with Doc McStuffins.  I will now have both theme songs stuck in my head for the next few hours.


Michelle said...

Oh wow I can't believe you're moving again! I'm sure you'll appreciate that winter w/out snow .. and soak up all the beautiful fall colors before moving!

Nichole Fisher said...

I can hardly believe I'm moving again either! But I really like Fort Worth and I made it to more Red Sox games in Texas than I ever did in Boston :)

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