21 October 2013

How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

At the gameI had the opportunity to go back to Ohio this weekend.  It was my first game since I was a Master's student back in 2000.  This was my first year as a lifetime member of the OSU Alumni Association and as such was able to participate on the Football ticket lottery.  Most who apply do get a ticket and it was my first year, so I had no expectations.  Just a few wishes.  1.  I wanted a conference game.  I didn't want my first game in over a decade to be OSU vs Ohio U and to walk away from a game where the score was 42-0.  2.  I didn't want the game to be too early in the season.  The sun and I are not very good friends and I didn't want it to be sweltering.  

Well, imagine my surprise when I got the notification that I had gotten tickets for OSU vs. Iowa.  A conference game!  And it as homecoming!  I was so excited.  It was a great game.  My friend from grad school - Jamie - came with me.  We were up pretty high, but it didn't matter.  We were part of the sea of scarlet and grey.  I've been to a Patriots game.  I've been a Pats fan my whole life and I went to my first game this year.  It was exciting and Gillette Stadium was very nice.  But there's just something about college football.  105,000+ screaming fans in the stands.  There was 1/10th of the population of my whole home state of Rhode Island in that stadium on Saturday.  

Despite the freezing cold - my hands were going numb, the game was incredible.  I had fun cheering on my beloved Buckeyes knowing that I was in the stadium with other students, alums, and fans who all wanted the same thing.  A good game and a good win. Tied up most of the time, OSU pulled away in the fourth quarter for the homecoming victory.  



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Go Bucks! I had a great time too...thanks again!

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