23 October 2012

Tuesday Day Book

I am thinking … that I cannot wait for my niece to arrive.  Any day now...

I am thankful for ... the chance to go back to school and get my doctorate.  I felt like I would never finish, but I am almost done.

I am reading Something about faculty teaching for my Professoriate course.  It's not exactly riveting.
I am hoping …that the rest of this week goes better than Monday and Tuesday have.  Nothing terrible, just crazy and insane stuff at work.

On my mind ...thinking about travel for next year.  A vacation for sure, but also maybe a weekend at Inn BoonsBoro, a trip to North Carolina, and seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I'm learning ...to relax.  It's hard.  I'm constantly doing something and I need to learn to unwind mentally.

Noticing that ... it's time to break down and go to the DMV and register my car.

From the kitchen …amazingly tasty calzones from Pastryland.  Mine was eggplant - so so yummy.

Around the house ... I finally found a water dish Kate won't tip over.  No more floods in the basement.

One of my favorite thingsunreal candy.  No HFCS, no preservatives, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated oils.  They are better than m&ms.  Better ingredients, richer chocolate taste, fewer pieces consumed to fill the chocolate craving.  And they're cute.  No red dye number 3.  They're colored with blue agave and beet juice instead.

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