28 June 2012

The Road Leads Home

The long and winding road is leading me back home.  After a year in Louisiana, almost three years in North Carolina, and two years in Texas, I am moving back home.  It was the right position at the right school at the right time and I am so so excited.  I love Providence and I love Boston and I am thrilled to be heading back to the NorthEast.  My super amazing brother is flying down to Texas in 4 weeks to drive back with me.  I still need to find a moving company, but most everything else is all done.  I have a little bit of packing left to do, but not much.  I kind of have it down to a science now.

But what about school?  I'm going to finish, I promise.  I'm too close to being done to not finish.  I have three classes left, all of which can be completed on-line and my dissertation.  Hopefully I'll be wrapping the whole thing up this time next year.  So what's on tap when I get home?  Besides work and putting my nose to the grindstone to get this EdD finished?  Well, my sister's baby shower, for one.  Also the Train concert at Mohegan Sun.  And maybe a Red Sox game.  And definitely a trip to the beach!  I miss the ocean and the smell of the salt water in the air.  I even love the smell of sunscreen.

There are some things I'll miss about Texas though.  I will miss not having to shovel my car in the winter.  Sigh.  It was glorious while it lasted.  I'll miss the people.  They sure are friendly down in these here parts.  Someone simply holding the door for you can turn into a five minute conversation.  There are some good manners and incredible friendliness here in the Lone Star State.  I will miss all of the Mexican food options.  Seriously.  It is so so good.  I'll miss my Weight Watchers leader Cassie.  She is by far, hands down, the most motivational, sweetest, inspiring leader I've ever had.  I'm really going to miss attending her meetings.  I'm going to miss hanging out with Jim and Beej.  They just got here and we've had so much fun already.  I'll be back to visit though, so I know I'll be seeing them several times over the course of the next year.

I really am so so happy to be going home.  


Sean said...

Good luck with the move and new position!

Nichole Fisher said...

Thanks Sean!

Michelle said...

I'm glad everything fell in to place for you with the position and school and all to head back home. Hope you have a smooth move!

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