01 December 2011

On the Mend

A few months ago it was Little Miss Kate who was under the weather. Yesterday and today was Jack's turn. We spent the morning at the vet and fortunately there's nothing wrong except for an upset stomach.

The vet gave me doses of medicine to help him feel better. She looked at me and asked, "will he take a pill?". Of course I laughed and replied, "are you kidding me? He won't let me trim his claws never mind feed him a pill.". So she gave me liquid meds to squirt in his throat. The caveat with that? It's incredibly bitter so he won't want that either. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I try it for myself. I imagine it will devolve into a gooey mess of epic proportions. And some scratching to boot.

Jack will be 7 in the Spring. I can hardly believe it. And in all those years this is the first time he's been ill. Hopefully his streak goes for another 7 years after this week.

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