03 October 2011

That Magic Moment

Isn't that what everyone looks for? That spark, that something intangible that makes someone right for them? Well, the lovely gentleman I had dinner with tonight did not have it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he looked about 10 years older than the picture on his match profile. I'm not being ageist, he just didn't look the way I thought he would. He looked my parents ages, which kind of weirded me out. I don't have hang ups about dating someone older, I just have an issue if they look like they went to high school with my dad. If the man I had dinner with tonight had that spark, I could have overlooked the age thing. Not to mention he had a terrible time reading me. We parted after dinner and already he was blowing up my cell phone with texts. Really? I didn't even kiss him good night and the man was already sending an endless stream. Don't get me wrong, I was flattered, but he obviously didn't read that situation well.

So what am I looking for, you may ask? I've only felt it one other time. I'm not going to quantify it with time, so those of you following along won't be able to pinpoint who it was. But talking with him, being with him, just seeing his name on paper gave my heart a thrill. You know, that pulse racing, catch in your breath moment. That's what I want. If I can't have that, I'd rather be single. And single isn't default for me. I love being on my own. I have friends, I travel, I like my life. So if I do find that magic moment, life will just be sweeter than it already is.

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