12 October 2011

Sweet Escape

Three weeks ago I made a decision. I follow Alton Brown of Good Eats/Food Network on Twitter and he was talking about giving up soda. I haven't had regular sugared soda in years, but I was drinking a lot of diet soda. Diet Coke, specifically. Oh how I love Diet Coke, and Diet Sunkist, and Diet A&W. Tasty tasty tasty. But I also got to thinking, there are a lot of chemicals in diet soda. It's not cane sugar. It's chemical sweetener. No calories, which is good, but a lot of aspartame. So I made a decision that night. No more soda.

It's not like I kept a lot of it in the house. I don't, but if I was out to dinner or passing by a Sonic, then there was definitely soda involved. But I quit. I pretty much stick to water and maybe a glass of crystal light iced tea with dinner. 99% of the time though, it's water. The third day was the hardest. I really really wanted a soda from Sonic. I held on though and now I don't even think about it really. I just automatically go for the water. I feel better. I don't know that I've noticed anything else different, other than that I use the restroom ALL THE TIME. I feel good about my decision and I feel good and that my friends is what it's all about.

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lacochran's evil twin said...

Congrats on getting the Diet Coke monkey off your back. :) I think Crystal Light has aspartame, too, but if it's once in a blue moon, no biggie. Water is supposed to be great for your skin, too. Cheers! *lifts water to toast*

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