15 October 2011

My Favorite Times of the Week

There are two parts of the week that I look forward to, regardless of how my week is going - good, bad, or ugly. Wednesday nights I get to dance. I love to dance. Great big puffy heart love to dance. I used to take lessons and assistant teach up until the point I left for college. I did some dancing in college, but not much. I haven't actively taken lessons in about 14 years. For an hour and a half I get to assistant teach a class of 7-10 years olds. They are new to dance so we start simple - shuffle, plie, jazz square, etc. They are so earnest and try so hard; they are a joy to work with. After that class I have my own, an hour of tap lessons. Such bliss. And I push myself, hard. I am a competitive person by nature and when the teacher asks if I want to try that up to tempo, of course I say yes. Everytime. It's a great workout and definitely a highlight of my week.

My other favorite part of the week is Saturday morning. I don't sleep in, I don't lounge around. I am out of my bed and out the door in time to get to my Weight Watchers meeting by 8:30. I have an awesome, amazing, inspiring leader. She really energizes me and inspires me to make good food choices throughout the week. The other people in the meeting are great. It's only 45 minutes out of my Saturday but I look forward to it every week. I enjoy it so much it almost makes me want to stay in Texas.

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