19 October 2011

Back in the RDU

I'm here! I'm so excited!!! I'M HERE IN NORTH CAROLINA! Sorry for the shouting y'all, but I can't tell you how tickled I am to be back in North Carolina. To all my family back in New England block your ears for this next part, hmm hmm hmm nothing to see here. Coming back to North Carolina feels like coming home. Apart from my home where all my family is, of all the places I've lived, North Carolina is home. I love it here and I miss it terribly. Now Texas friends, that's not to say I don't like Texas. I am thoroughly enjoying living in Texas - I have my favorite places and my dance class and school. It's not the same though. I can't explain to you why it feels so good to be here. It just does. I love all of the Triangle - from Chapel Hill to Raleigh. The people, the places, my friends. Knowing Charlotte, NC (and by extension Kelly, Korey, and Kennedy) is only a couple of hours away warms my heart. I've been here just over an hour and I'm already dreading flying back on Sunday.

The hotel I'm staying at for this conference is the one I stayed at for my interview with Duke 4 years ago. It's kind of eerie. In a good way. I still remember what I wore to dinner the night before my interview. I remember what I wore to my interview. I remember being sunburned as all get out because I had spent a few days before the interview in Charlotte visiting and went to a tennis tournament and got burned bad. It was a great icebreaker for all my interview sessions. Truly, I looked like a lobster, ha ha.

I am going to enjoy these next four days.

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