15 March 2011

Jack is Six Years Old Today

Pardon the blurry picture - but this is the only picture I have of Jack when he was still a little kitten. He's six today. It feels like yesterday that Steph and I went to SPCA/Angell in Boston to find a cat for me to adopt. He was the first one I held. He looked at me with those huge eyes and that was it. I was hoping for a cat that would love to curl up on my lap. I soon discovered that wasn't in his nature. He comes to me to be petted only when the mood strikes him. He can be grumpy and he's not incredibly playful. I feel bad for Kate sometimes because all she wants to do is play and Jack wants no part of it. But he's still a gorgeous kitty with his big eyes. While he's not a lap cat, he does love to curl up on the pillow next to me while I sleep at night. I think that's as close as it's going to get. I still remember him as a sweet little kitten in that little studio in Boston. He would sit on top of my old CRT computer monitor and watch all the squirrels and birds in the park next door. My RAs loved it - he finally got accustomed to them after a few weeks and I never had better petsitters. Happy Birthday Jack!


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! I can see you on top of that CRT watching bird TV! Now give mom and extra special cuddle and let her know that she was the one for you, too!

Sean said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

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