25 November 2010

Thanksgiving Top Ten

Since I started this blog, every Thanksgiving I've listed the top ten things I am thankful for. Why break with tradition?

1. My family - first and foremost, always. I have, hands down, the best family in the world. I am blessed blessed blessed by my wonderful, crazy, huge, amazing family.

2. My education - it's not that my parents pushed me. Not in the way you hear about where kids are expected to bring home A's. I was expected to do my best, go to college, and make my way in the world. I would not trade my education for anything. I went to excellent schools that taught me how to think, create, analyze, and write and they've shaped who I am today: BayView, Fairfield, Ohio State, NCSU, and starting in spring, UNT.

3. Jack and Kate - what's not to love about their sweet, furry faces. I can't believe Jack is going to be 6 this spring. I feel like it was yesterday that Steph and I went to Angell to pick him out. He can be a grump, but he can also be affectionate. And Kate is a sweetie, she's not a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination, but she wants to be near you, no matter where you are.

4. My job - I love working in higher education. I couldn't imagine doing anything different. Especially right now. I have the immense good fortune to work at a new institution. New. That hardly ever happens. Those of us who work in higher ed often wonder - if I could start my own place, what would I do? I actually get to do that. Even though it drives me crazy sometimes, I'm happy I made the decision to leave Duke (sob) and come to Texas.

5. My friends - I have amazing friends. They are scattered all over and doing all kinds of different things with their lives. Some travel the world, some are stay at home moms, some are musicians, some are executives, some are married, some are single. They run the gamut, but they've all enriched my life in some way.

6. My cousins - I know I already mentioned my family, but my cousins are in a class of their own. When I mention to people that I grew up with my cousins and that we're really close, I often get weird looks. I've run into very few people who have as many I do and who remain as close to their cousins as I do. Some say things like, I haven't seen my cousins in fifteen years. I can't imagine that. When we get together we're silly, we're goofy, we have a blast, and I wouldn't trade those moments for all the tea in China.

7. Facebook - yes it can be a colossal time suck. But it gives me the chance to see what the people I've connected with in my life are up to. I'm able to cheer on high school friends who run marathons, congratulate college friends on weddings, see my friends' children grow up, play word games with my Aunts. Moving around like I've done, facebook has helped me stay in contact with what they all are doing, and I don't feel so far away.

8. DVR - whoever invented the DVR is the best. Now, at the moment I have about 33 episodes worth of General Hospital to catch up on, but I like knowing that anything I have a passing fancy for, I can record and watch whenever I want - even while I'm watching something else on the tv.

9. Dance - I used to take dance lessons when I was growing up. I loved it. I did some choreography in college and took a musical theatre dance class, but haven't done anything formal since then. Until now. I've been wanting to take a lesson for years, but it never really worked out til now. I take a tap class on Wednesday nights and I have fallen in love with it all over again. It's a time for me where I get to slip into some tap shoes and dance to my heart's content for an hour.

10. My sister - we don't always agree on things, but I adore her. She's funny, sweet, beautiful, intelligent, and in some ways my complete opposite. But I'd do anything for her and I can't imagine having a different sister than Melissa.

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