02 May 2010

The Stars at Night...

If you can finish the line, you know where I am heading next. Indeed, I am moving to the Lonestar State - Texas. It was a very hard decision. I was offered the position of Registrar at a new campus in Dallas, the University of North Texas at Dallas. I would be their first Registrar. It was a great opportunity. The chance to start your own office and be the first anything at a college is a rare thing. It would mean an increase in salary and the opportunity to be closer to D. Which made the offer that much more appealing. Sounds like an easy choice, right? Go to Texas! But I really really loved my job at Duke. I had a wonderful staff, it was a great place to work, I loved where I lived, I have great friends, I was working on my doctorate...so many reasons to stay. I was really on the fence and I talked to a lot of people and ultimately decided that the opportunities in Texas were too good to pass up - both the personal and the professional.

I'm already looking forward to life in Dallas - visiting D in Austin (and vice versa); the Red Sox playing at Arlington Ball Park; shopping at Neiman Marcus...I may actually get out to California to visit my sister since it's a little less expensive to fly to CA from TX than it is from NC. More good news, I've been in touch with UNT. They have an EdD program and will accept my work from NCSU, so I can transfer into that program pretty much where I left off. I won't rule out a return to NC in the years down the road. I really loved living here and would love to come back someday.


Sean said...

Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like a great opportunity. When are you moving to Texas? Are Jake and Kate ready for the move?

Nichole Fisher said...

I am headed to the Big D on June 10th. Jack and Kate are probably thinking, again? Kate is enjoying scratching her claws on all the boxes.

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