19 May 2010

Not Gone

Ah, faithful readers, I haven't disappeared completely. I've just been swamped with packing, prepping to move, end of semester wrap-up (both at work and at school), etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

The apartment is almost completely packed with the exception of pots and pans from the kitchen and the rest of my closet. I've actually run out of room to put the boxes that I've packed, so I will be taking my bed apart this weekend and using the extra space to stack the rest of the boxes. I will be sleeping on the couch for the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, I have a very comfy couch.

Updates on the random stuff:

The injured foot - it's doing better. I go back to the doctor on Monday for a follow-up. It doesn't hurt to walk or climb or anything, just side impact hurts (it's an oddly placed fracture, go figure). I'm hoping he gives me the all clear to work out again.

School - semester is done, I managed another 4.0 and I learned that UNT will accept the classes I took at NCSU, so I will be able to complete my doctoral degree in Texas.

Work - just trying to wrap everything up and make sure I leave everything in good order for the next person.

Jack and Kate - are handling all the boxes and chaos as I expected. Kate is curious about everything and Jack is content so long as there is still a place to nap.

And finally - today is D's birthday! He has the best birthday gift of all - two whole weeks off from school (translation - two whole weeks of leisure time). Happy Birthday!!!

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