15 April 2010

Thursday Recipe

D has been asking me for this recipe for awhile and I finally got in touch with one of my aunts and was able to get it. It's for bracciole (brah-zhall). I can't even describe to you how good this is. I can't even really describe to you what it is. My grandfather was a butcher and when he was still alive he would make all of his children's families a bracciole during the Christmas season. Even after my parents divorced he'd make one for my mom. She'd put it in the freezer until she was ready one Sunday to thaw it out. Then she'd brown it a bit before letting it cook slow in a crockpot full of tomato sauce. The meat would practically fall apart. Served with pasta, it's a great Sunday dinner.


flank steak - butterflied
proscuitto - 1/2 pound or so
parsley flakes
salt pork (freeze it and slice thin)
salt & pepper - garlic powder
cooking twine


salt & pepper & garlic powder the steak

cover the steak with thin slices of salt pork
cover the salt pork with slices of prosciutto
sprinkle the parsley flakes
roll as tight as you can, and tie with the twine

It's best to brown the bracciole first before putting it in the sauce (like you would with meatballs)

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, yeah! Ex-hubby's granddad was Italian and, OMG, his family's braciole is amazing. (Yup, got the recipe.) They use veal but very similar!

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