26 January 2010

Please Phrase in the Form of a Question...

I've always wanted to be on Jeopardy. Ever since I was a little kid. I'd watch and keep my own score. I love trivia - my mind soaks up useless random information like a sponge. If you need a teammate for Trivial Pursuit, I'm your girl. Ever since they've started doing the Jeopardy contestant testing online, I've tried every time. I think tonight was the fourth time I've taken the test. Out of those four tries (so far), I've been asked to a regional audition once. This was in Boston and it was about 4 years ago. I never got beyond that, but I keep trying. I took the test again tonight. I don't know that I did so well, but you never know. Hopefully they say "Yes, Nichole, come to Raleigh for an audition". I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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