13 January 2010

New Semester

So those of you that have been following along know that I was toying with the idea of not going back to school in the Spring. As is a woman's prerogative, I changed my mind :) I started classes this week and am really looking forward to my classes this term. On Mondays I have Organizational Theory. This was one of my favorite courses when I was working on my Masters degree. We're using a newer edition of a book I've already read (and still own). Unfortunately we are now two editions removed so I needed to buy a new copy. The content is pretty much the same, but the examples and cases in the book have been updated.

The second course is History of Higher Ed. I'm happy that I am getting a second crack at this course because I was not a fan back in my OSU days. I was so eager to take this class. Being a history major and all, it was a combination of the two things I loved. The bad news was that we had this really cranky professor who didn't seem to like us very much. At one point he accused us all of plagiarizing (a completely unfair, untrue, and unjustified accusation). It really soured the whole experience for me. I'm happy that I am getting to take this course again.

So my books are ordered, my pencils are sharpened, and I am ready to go.


Sean said...

Good luck this semester! Is it bad that I don't remember when we took Organizational Theory or even who taught the course? I also don't remember being accused of plagirizing. Were we in the same class? (If you don't want to share the specific details of all this here, feel free to send me a message via Facebook.) I may have blocked out nearly the entire 2 years at OSU! :)

Nichole Fisher said...

Ha ha - it wasn't one of our usual profs. It was some older gentleman. I don't know if you were in the class or not. I know Tom, Bridget, and Jeff were in the class. The prof was just nasty.

We took Org Theory with a woman (again, not one of the regulars). She was kind of youngish. It was a pretty easy class. We had to write a lot of reflection papers for her about our perceptions of an organization based on one of the "frames" in the Bolman and Deal book (probably one of the only textbooks I've read cover to cover).

Michelle said...

every right to change your mind :) good luck with this semester!

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