25 October 2009

Weekend in Charlotte

The newest Buckeye fan has arrived :) I had a wonderful weekend in Charlotte. I drove down on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend snuggling and rocking and just enjoying spending time with baby Kennedy and my family. My cousin Kelly and her husband Korey (my fellow Buckeye fan) are the proud parents of a new baby girl. She is just so sweet. I haven't held a newborn in soooo long.

By the time I make it back north to see a new baby, they aren't newborns anymore. Kelly looks wonderful and we had fun just hanging around, chatting, napping, and catching up. And watching all manner of college football game - that last second TD by Iowa was the most exciting 0:02 in football I have ever seen. I got to see my Auntie Gerry and Ally, Rich, Nina, and Richie popped in Saturday night on their way to the mountains - mini reunion!!! Since I had seen Richie and Nina just a few months ago it was so nice that they remembered who I was. Usually we go through the awkward "I-don't-remember-her" phase. With the exception of Kelly, many times I don't get to see them but once a year most of the time. I grew up with Ally and many of my childhood memories are of her and the fun and mischief we used to get into, so it's always a blast to get together with her again.

I also had the chance to use my new camera on subjects other than Jack and Kate! I was sad to leave, but needed to stop at Ikea (such a blast), drive the 2 hours back to Durham, do grocery shopping, laundry, and write a paper. All have been accomplished except the paper, which needs to be finished tonight. I've already offered up my baby-sitting services to Kelly and Korey for a Saturday night here and there if they want to get out.

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Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I would really, really love to hold a newborn... And then hand that sweet bundle of joy right on back.

I'm just beyond delighted that I get to sleep through the entire night now. :)

I am glad you had such a fun trip!!


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