07 October 2009

Please Pack Your Knives And Go...

I don't watch a lot of reality tv, but there are two that I love - The Biggest Loser and Top Chef. I think I've rhapsodized about TBL on here before. I think I like these shows because the competition isn't so much about knocking someone else out, but doing the best that you can so you continue to advance. If you follow this argument, I should love American Idol, but alas I can't be bothered (my apologies to all you AI fans out there). Since I love to cook, watching Top Chef is contributing a little to my culinary education, which began with the late, great Julia Child. I've learned about different ways to cook food, I've learned who the best chefs in the country are, and it's all wrapped around this cooking competition that inevitably comes down to the wire. Sometimes what they deliver is just awful and sometimes it's genius.

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