18 October 2009

On the Move

I found a new apartment - woohoo! The complex I'm moving into is so nice. I think it's nicer than the one I am in now. It's new too - It's less than 2 years old so all the appliances and such are brand new. I'll have roughly the same amount of space. It's located in Morrisville, whic puts me in a nice proximity to both Duke and NCSU (I've decided to go back for another semester in the spring - more on that later). Mid to late November is my projected move date. I still have heaps-o-stuff to pack and some weeding out of my closet to do. I force myself to purge my closet everytime I move. I don't think I'll need to purge shoes and handbags - I just did that awhile ago. I think I could stand to give up a few of the 6729 black shirts that I own.

1 comment :

Michelle said...

So glad you found a nice apartment! I started purging every time I move too that I wonder how come I still have stuff to purge! LOL

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