06 October 2009


Oh I just don't know y'all. I wish I could audit classes. I like doing the readings and I like being engaged in class and participating in discussion. I'm just not motivated to do research or any writing whatsoever. I know I'm only one semester in, but I feel like it would be a huge wast of time, money, and effort to continue on when I drag my feet about every little thing. So I'm thinking maybe getting my doctorate isn't for me. I think perhaps if I had gone right on to my PhD after I finished my Master's it would be different. If I could go full time and devote my whole life to doing the work, I could probably do it. I'm older now though and I'm not going full time and there are a myriad of other things I would prefer to do outside of work than research and write. So I may take a hiatus from school after this term and reassess my goals and priorities. We'll see.


Sean said...

You're representing all of us OSU folks who probably won't ever make it to a PhD program. Do what you want to do, and you'll have our support regardless.

Nichole Fisher said...

Thanks Sean :)

Anonymous said...

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
–William Shedd

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