10 August 2009

Two Days of Nothing...Redux

Hmmm, so my two days of doing absolutely nothing this weekend turned into 2 very hectic days. It started last Thursday when my car decided to come close to overheating on my way to work. When I parked at Duke there was hissing and steam and such coming from under the hood. Since steam and hissing emanating from your car is never a good thing, I realized I couldn't drive it and needed to have it checked out.

After some days of maneuvering my car situation so I could get to work, I finally got the car towed to Hyundai to be checked out and I was handed some very bad news. Apparently the radiator in my little Hyundai had burst. Burst as in exploded. Blew up. Definitely no longer functional which made my little car basically inoperable. Who knew? I certainly didn't know such a thing was possible, seeing as how my knowledge of cars ranks up there with my knowledge of quantum physics and my fluency in Pashto.

Since they were going to have to replace the radiator as well as some other parts that had gotten warped due to the intense heat under the hood, I came to the realization that the repairs were going to cost well more than the car was actually worth.

So, I went out and got a new car. Some of you may be thinking, you can't just go get a car. Well, if you have good credit, by golly you can. Who knew getting a car was so easy? I went in to the packed Honda dealership (Cash for Clunkers is apparently very popular, especially as young'uns are headed back to school in a few short weeks...). I met with a sales rep, told him what I wanted, they ran my credit, and voila. My new car:

It's a 2009 Honda Civic. They had a beautiful charcoal grey colored one on the lot and I loved the color. It has a fun looking digital dashboard and tons of interior space. I love it. Not so sure I love having a car payment again, but I am definitely a fan of the new wheels.

So that was my Saturday. Lost a car, found a car, made my way home and fell asleep. It was kind of an exhausting day. I then had to cram the stuff I wanted to do on Saturday into my Sunday. So what followed on Sunday was a whirlwind of Mass, Julie&Julia, shopping (redeemed many free coupons for samples I got in the mail last week - Victoria's Secret, Aveda, etc...), post office, bank, Target, and some actual work that I had brought home from the office.

The main point of Sunday (apart from Mass, which felt sooo good to go to as I have not been in far too long) is that you need to run, don't walk, run to your nearest cineplex and see Julie&Julia. Wonderful, Funny, Genius, Meryl Streep!!!, Stanley Tucci, Julia Child, good food, and Paris. It was definitely money well spent and a great great great movie. Go see it!


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Very sporty! And the Civic is one of the best small cars going! Enjoy!

And, I can't wait to see Julie & Julia... now if I can only find the time! LOL!


Michelle said...

Yay for a new car!

Last week someone from the local Honda dealership called asking if I wanted to come in and see about upgrading my van...not sure if she was talking about the C for C program, but my Odyssey is an '04 - not exactly a 'clunker' in my view! LOL

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